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Full Version: Ushio (Pullip Uncanricky full custom)
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Ushio is a spectrum that appears in the dreams of people. She helps people through dreams. She was a normal girl but a witch cursed her.

She has a special relationship with one of my taeyangs, Caleb, that can be seen her anywhere Tongue

I hope you enjoy the pics^^ (clothes made by me ♥♥♥)

[Image: 6286483726_448524cb2d_z.jpg]

[Image: 6286483784_c1dd6d977a_z.jpg]

[Image: 6646505763_30cb1a1233_z.jpg]
Ushio ♥ por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6646505783_a26659b49e_z.jpg]
birdcage... por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6813656627_cd754ee2ed_z.jpg]
Ushio ♥ por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

Here with Caleb^^

[Image: 6152266979_9e10fb0d7a_z.jpg]

[Image: 6858079746_52491072f4_z.jpg]
Ushio & Caleb por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6813688539_2aceda885e_z.jpg]
Ushio and Caleb ♥ por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr


My favorite of her is the one where her and Caleb are kissing! So adorable! Heart

I'm a sucker for cute couple pics LOL
She's beautiful! I love her face-up and her sailor outfit! smile
She looks amazing! I love her little back story, although I'm sure it's much more complex o3o

I love the feel of your photos
She's very beautiful. I also love the photo of her with Caleb. So sweet and romantic. smile
The last picture is absolutely stunning! I also enjoy the one of them kissing. You are an amazing photographer!
Aaawww thank you so much for your lovely comments Heart

Miruku Bunny: Yes, her story is more complex because Caleb is the only guy who sees her, for other people she doesn' exist Tongue

Really thanks for your comments, I'm so glad that you like my pics and my dolls^^

Kissess Heart 2
She's beautiful, I love your photo's.
Beautiful pictures!
Those eyes are very striking, my favorite pic is "Ushio"

That faceup is gorgeous too!