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Full Version: Rainy Day
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I told Laura that we would take some pictures today, but then in started raining. In true Laura fashion, she insisted that we take pictures anyway. *sigh* How can I say no to my favorite?

[Image: 7094331083_1643c3da45.jpg]

[Image: 6948261840_8426f848c0.jpg]

[Image: 6948260540_c75ff5a30c.jpg]

The rainy weather gave me a great reason to break out those adorable boots, and give Laura the hood I mad for her (still some bugs to work out for the next one though).
Here in Poland is getting warmer everyday, so a stroll or photos in the rain are not a bad idea smile Your girl looks very happy to have proper jacket and boots for the weather!
I can see why you can't say no! She's adorable, I love her hair, such a cute style & pretty color. That's a great hoodie...what kind of fabric did you use, and was there a pattern you followed?

She's sooo cute! I love what you did with her hair! You're right, those boots are adorable! smile
Thanks for the comments every one, I really love sharing pictures of Laura because they always turn out to be so pretty.

Her hair was fun to do, but it's so heavy that it makes it very hard for her to sit or stand. She just falls straight backwards. That and the hood does not fit over all of that hair.

I made up the pattern for the hoodie, and once I work out some of the bugs, mostly the size and shape of the hood, I plan on uploading the pattern. I hate the lack of free patterns for Pullip clothes. I have to say, the hoodie was way easier to make than I thought it would be. I made it out of some clearance knit fabric I found. It's heavier than a t-shirt material, but lighter than sweats. It's kind of like yoga pants material. I lined the hood with some woven cotton I had left over from another project. I just wish I had access to my sewing machine, because they would be a lot easier to make.
The hair is fantastic! And those boots are adorable.

Lovely pics, thanks for sharing Happy
I applaud you and others for braving the rain. Nice results because of it!
Yes the clothing and wig are very nice. I really like the contrasting fabric inside the hood.
I love love LOVE her. That wig!
Great photos. smile
Great pictures even in the rain.
She is so color co-ordinated, everything matches perfectly!
looks perfect hair on rainy day, ^.^