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Full Version: She has a name!
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I finally decided on a name for my Naomi. I would like to introduce you to Blake. She likes skateboards and computer hacking. When she's not using her mad skillz to fight the corporate system, she enjoys coffee, magical girl animes, and taking care of her pet bunny.

[Image: 7107578247_b05cab52c4.jpg]

[Image: 6961509542_5b133a03b6.jpg]

[Image: 7107577705_973f3c83f2.jpg]

[Image: 7107577227_d95bd4144e.jpg]

[Image: 7107577457_5631703c49.jpg]
That's a great name for her!
Blake is such a pretty pretty girl! (I'm trying to get on her good side so that she won't hack my computer...)

I love coffee & bunnies too! smile
She is very cute! But please... don't let Blake hack into my computer! <3
Dang! I never knew a Naomi would look soooo good in a brown wig! You're so creative, and I think Blake sounds a lot like you, btw! xD