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Full Version: Red Fox and Festive Parrot
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My latest two custom Therianthropes, animals masquerading as girls. They will be on display at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event on June 9. They both have glass taxidermy eyes.

Luvvul is a red fox (vulpes vulpes). Her fox dress is by etsy seller littledear. Her fox companion is from etsy seller Adagio. Her wig is from Sleeping Elf.

Festive is a festive parrot (Amazona Festiva). Her dress is from etsy seller sewgrandmacathy; her companion is from etsy seller craftybacon.

[Image: Luvvul7.jpg]

[Image: Luvvul6.jpg]

[Image: Luvvul2.jpg]

[Image: Luvvul11.jpg]

[Image: Luvvul10.jpg]

[Image: festivesmallfull.jpg]

[Image: festive5.jpg]

[Image: festive6.jpg]

[Image: festive2.jpg]

[Image: festive10.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
i think the fox is adorable! - i cant wait to see her in person yay
they are both beautiful True smile I want that parrot girl ! LOL Her colours are amazing
They are both so cool! Amazing job!
Thank you all!

(Heh heh, Miss Edith, the parrot is not for sale. But thanks.)