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Full Version: My new Byul Tiger Lily
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I finally got my Tiger Lily, I named her Raffi.
I think she Rocks!

[Image: 7349504300_79379748b6.jpg]
Raffi by Lily Close, on Flickr

[Image: 7349503786_9fd229d4cc.jpg]
Raffi by Lily Close, on Flickr
I love Tiger Lily smile Your girl is gorgeous and I want that dress !! LOL did you make it? the colours are so beautiful...
She does rock! And your sewing creations are so cute! smile
I've been a bit put off on tiger lily, as she's a byul, but seeing your picture made her feel otherwise... XD
I think Tiger Lily is one of the cuter Byuls.
She's so cute! And her skin color is gorgeous in that pretty dress! smile
tan dolls are adorable, love it i have it too smile
Congrats on your new girl! She is really pretty, I love her skin tone. smile
I love Tiger Lily. grin
I've considered getting her for myself, but I have problems bonding with Byuls ;___;