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Full Version: SDCC Exclusive
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And i want it ...naoo

[Image: MLP-2012-Special-Edition-Pony__scaled_600.jpg]
holy crap XD Awesome!!
i love her sooooo much ... breaks my heart to know i'll never have her though sad i swear to god theyturned me into a pony when they created her *hugs the pony* lol

she's also the MLP Fair pony too ... so not REALLY exclusive to SDCC ... but exclusive to the fir (which comes first lol) and SDCC, and i also imagine the Euro MLP Fair hopefully for the Euro MLP fans
I gotta get Derpy!
I'm a bit disappointed she's a Fasion style pony, I only collect regular ponies so she won't really fit in my collection. If I can find her on ebay for a decent price I think I'll buy her though.

But why didn't they make a Big Macintosh instead? I'm his n°1 fan!
Yea, I am hoping to get Derpy somehow. She is my favorite background pony and I have been slowly making a Derpy army. I am working on customizing older gen pegasai into her.
This is incredible on so, so many levels.
<3 DERRRPPYY! I want one so bad! The SDCC exclusives are amazing this year, really are!
I heard that she sold out very early at the My Little Pony Fair. Hopefully Hasbro will bring more ponies to Comic Con. =) I really wish I could go to Comic Con this year. I really wanted to buy the pony motivational posters. The Applejack and Rarity posters are so cute. Hopefully, Hasbro will sell them online.
I'll be in the corner, sobbing because I don't have her. Haha!! But really, she's amazing!!
Super adorable!!!! I love watching for Derpy!
I need this pony in my life!! I LOVE Derpy sooo much! :3
Oh, awesome. #__# I don't even *watch* MLP and I still love Derpy.
I was able to get 2 SDCC Derpy's off of ebay. I am keeping one in box and the other will be out of box on display.
I have one, and i'm holding onto her to sell her later when her value increases (n.n)