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Full Version: Kacey & Kitty <3
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Kitty got her wig stolen :p they'll have the same one when I can find it on Ebay, but for the time being Kitty's back in her stock wig.

So, introducing Kacey, Kitty's big sister & partner in all things colourful & bright smile

[Image: 7177832957_45015d5d03.jpg]
DSC01255 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

[Image: 7362975146_b7ea921e88.jpg]
DSC01257 by Lilcurly, on Flickr


[Image: 7177740387_0d52ded416.jpg]
DSC01253 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

Kacey looks great in that red wig and she looks enough like Kitty to make an excellent sibling.
They do look like sisters! So pretty!
they are a beautiful pair -- I always love redheads ! Akoya has one of the best faceups IMO
Thanks guys! I'm really pleased with how they look together smile & I keep lookng at Kacey & thinking Kitty cuz of the wig lol. I hope I can find another the same - I bought that one so long ago that the link on my ebay feedback isn't showing the picture anymore sad So I think it's going to take a few attempts before I manage to get the exact right one. I may have some red wigs up for sale soon :p
They are too cute together! Kacey is stunning and I think you've caused me to want an Akoya now! xD
Lol, Akoya is a gorgeous doll, her face-up is so colourful <3
All that red, they look awesome together!
Thank you! grin
look like twins!
^They do look very similar smile Kacey is older than Kitty though.
Congratulations Lilcurly!!
Another stunning doll joining your family grin
You have such an eye for choosing unexpected colours, id never have imagined Akoya as a redhead but Kaceys wig is fantastic on her! <3
^Thank you smile I do like my bright colours :p