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Full Version: August 18-19: Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI
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The Chicago contingent of Pullip collectors is planning our annual trip to the Renaissance Faire. It will be either August 18 or 19, or possibly both! The date is not very flexible this year because the weekend after that is the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival, which several of us are also planning to attend.

One thing that is different from past years: I have decided to get a hotel room for at least one night. TrueFan has said that if I am staying, she might also get a hotel room, so it would be something to consider! We will then have somewhere relaxing to hang out after the faire closes.

So, here are the relevant details:

Where: Bristol Renaissance Faire, just north of the WI/IL border in Kenosha, WI
When: August 18 or 19, starting in the morning or lunchtime and ending at close
What to bring: a costume or fancy dress if you like, one or two dolls, a camera

And the questions to answer in your reply:

-Are you planning to attend?
-Would Saturday or Sunday work better for you that weekend?
-Would you be interested in either staying in the hotel on your own or sharing a room with someone?

I was so sad to miss last year's trip, so I am really excited to go this year! I hope to see lots of you there!
I will be there Saturday and/or Sunday.
I'm working that weekend, but since you guys are coming to my neck of the woods, I might just call off. It's not like I'll get in that much trouble, or I want to keep that job anyway. I haven't been there in about five years. I don't think I'll be fitting into my old high school ren dress though...
If we are staying overnight on Saturday, maybe you could at least meet us for dinner?
I could totally do that. Also, if I took a day off, I'd rather it be Saturday because Sunday is time and a half. I will meet you for dinner though if you stay. Kenosha is only 20 minutes away.
I would really love to attend, but I'm not yet sure if I could arrange transportation so that I can. The Renaissance Faire is so much fun!
I would like to attend. Saturday would
be best for me. I'm not planning on staying at the hotel.

Through June 30 only, tickets are $14.95 online (probably plus a handling fee). They are $19.95 at the door.
They also use to have s student discount. I don't know if that helps anyone, or if the even still do that.
Someone from BlytheKingdom posted that she is interested in going Sunday.
I'm still thinking about which night I would be staying in the hotel. I think I will probably only stay one night instead of two. Most of the rates I have found are around $100, some more expensive, some less...There are also packages which include tickets and breakfast for $140 or $150 here: (The $140 package is at the Country Inn & Suites website; the Ren Faire page still has the 2011 info for them.)

Splitting a $140 room between two people would be $70/ea a night, tickets included - minus paying full retail for tickets ($20), that's $50 a night. Plus breakfast. Not bad.
I lead book club Friday night, so it will definitely be Saturday night for me.
In person discount for anyone who wants to buy one of my dolls in person at a meet!
I keep looking at your list because I want to take one off your hands, but my list is all Taes at the moment.
Sure you don't want another Dal? Or Sebastian Private Teacher? Or another Dal, Robin Ciel, AND Sebastian Private Teacher....?
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