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Full Version: August 25: Urbana Sweetcorn Festival in Urbana, IL
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I'm moving to Champaign in August, and it turns out the Sweetcorn Festival is only a week after I move in! TrueFan visits it every year and she invited me to join her. We decided to open up the trip to any other dolly collectors to make it a central Illinois meetup.

If you're interested in making the trek, please feel free to join up with us. Urbana is about 3 hours away from Chicago and very easy to get to via interstate. If you need or want to carpool, please ask - it might be possible to arrange it. smile

Admission is free for the sweetcorn festival, too.
Are you going to the university, or just moving there? I go to U of I!~ I hope I'll be able to make the festival - I'm gonna be working like crazy - but even if I can't, it's SO good to have another collector in Champaign! <3
I'm going to the university! I'll be a grad student at the library school, as I just graduated from college this past spring. I hadn't even thought to look for doll collectors actually at the college! (And I notice you have a Miku...I have all three of them as of this past Saturday!! <3 She's by far one of my favorite stock dolls!)

I hope you can make it to the festival!
Ahh!! That's so exciting! I hadn't thought to look either - I didn't bring my Pullips to school last year, because I had an awful roommate, so I wasn't that engaged in the hobby. This year I'll be able to bring them, so hopefully we can find some other collectors and have a mini meetup or something! smile (Miku is gorgeous - I really want the LOL version even though I have the regular one, haha! She's just so sweet!)
Well, I'm just two hours away and so is sceimhiuil, so that's a start!
LOL Miku was the one I got just this past weekend. As soon as I finish unpacking here at my parents' house (my summer home), I'll see about getting pics of my three together. ^^

I *hope* to be able to accommodate all of my dolls in Champaign, but I'm up to 30 now, so that may not be feasible. @_@ But we'll see.
Okay, so I'll definitely be able to go to the festival! I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to bring any of my girls - depending on when I move in, because I don't want to take any down with the first massive wave of stuff, lest they get damaged - but it'll be fun to meet up nonetheless! LOL

I really wish I could bring all of my dolls down, but my room next year is SUPER tiny, and I'm not sure where I'd be able to put them! xD I'll bring my Chibi Risa for sure, as she's the sturdiest of my girls, and probably one Pullip to start. I know I'll end up buying at least one more during the school year, though, so I'll have to think up a storage solution pretty quickly!
In-person discount if you buy one of my dolls!
Bumping this up since it's coming up soon! Also, I am trying to figure out if I can bring all of my dolls or not. yellow_socks, if there is one in particular you'd like to see from my collection, let me know soon and I'll make sure she (or he) gets packed up. I can't move my Hello Kitty because she has an arm break that I have to deal with, and I may sell my Another King soon, but everyone else is fair game. ^^
This is coming up this weekend! YAY! We will be having our meetup on Saturday, even though the festival runs Friday and Saturday.

More info is on the website here:
I'm gonna try to make it <3 I should be able to!
...but now I have to figure out who to bring. Crap! haha.
"Who" to bring?
Yes, I've added some new dolls to the collection and I've no idea which one I should take...
That was my attempt at a joke - as in Doctor Who...
Oh! Derp! Silly me. Maybe I should bring the good Doctor. wink He hasn't been out in a long time!
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