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Full Version: many photos from PUDDLE 2012
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(Next year's PUDDLE will also be in June in the Chicago area. If you'd like to be on the email news list, PM your email address to me.)

Gorgeous gift bags by vanie and myufish:
[Image: 1bags.jpg]

[Image: 2bagsclose.jpg]

Two of my own dolls on display - Dragon Duncan (Wati) and Mermaid Psyrina (Monomono), modified by myufish. They both have glass taxidermy animal eyes.
[Image: 3dragonandmermaid.jpg]

More of my dolls.
[Image: 4truefangirl.jpg]

My custom red fox and festive parrot.
[Image: 5truefancustoms.jpg]

Group shot (not everyone in attendance is in the photo):
[Image: 6groupshot.jpg]

The photo contest was online and judged before PUDDLE, but we displayed the entries.
[Image: 7photocontest.jpg]

The four raffle dolls, a redressed stock Apollo donated by WellerMade, a rescued modified Nina donated by Asashi, and two customs by myufish.
[Image: 8raffledolls.jpg]

Prizes given to winners of the costume parade and the customization contests.
[Image: 9contestprizes.jpg]

The gorgeous first place prize to the winner of the costume contest, by Keely of Keely's Cute Kimono.
[Image: 10paradewinner.jpg]

Body parts during the customization Q&A.
[Image: 11customizingqanda.jpg]

Dolls on display, including a custom by RequiemArt.
[Image: 12displaydolls.jpg]

Customized and modified dolls in the contest.
[Image: 13customcontestgroup.jpg]

Two outfits by applecandy in the original outfit category.
[Image: 14applecandyoutfits.jpg]

The winners of the original outfit category (first, second, third, fan favorite).
[Image: 15originaloutfitwinners.jpg]

Luvvul won first place in the full custom category.
[Image: 16fullcustomwinner.jpg]

The winners in the full custom, modified, and original outfit categories. First place on top, fan favorites and second place next, then third place.
[Image: 17allcustomwinners.jpg]

Me dressed like my doll (who is also dressed like her doll.)
[Image: 18truefancostume1.jpg]

[Image: 19truefancostume2.jpg]

Asashi dressed as Coral.
[Image: 20asashicoral.jpg]

Professor Emil won first place.
[Image: 21professoremil.jpg]

Preparing to parade into the hotel lobby.
[Image: 22preparingtoparade.jpg]

In the lobby.
[Image: 23costumesinthelobby.jpg]

Professor Emily gets his first place prize.
[Image: 24costumewinner1.jpg]

[Image: 24costumewinner2.jpg]

I came in third and ravenwcatz second.
[Image: 25costumewinners.jpg]

Nuts and Chocolate by applecandy - the Fan Favorite in the original outfit category.
[Image: 26nutsnchoco.jpg]

Seaside Breeze by applecandy - second place in the original outfit category.
[Image: 26seasidebreeze.jpg]

Three of the dolls I purchased from JP/Groove USA. They had an entire table filled with $40 nude dolls!
[Image: 27bagsodolls.jpg]

A lone star-themed kiss at the close of PUDDLE.
[Image: 28lonestarkiss.jpg]

Winding down by coloring paperdolls by myufish in the hotel lobby at night.
[Image: 29coloring.jpg]

[Image: 30paperdollpullip.jpg]

[Image: 31paperdolldal.jpg]

I needed my caffeine Sunday morning after another great Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event!
[Image: 32coffee.jpg]
What great photos!
It looked like lots of fun!
I hope everyone had a great time!
I know I did! Thanks.
Looked like a lot of fun! I wish I could've attended XD
Did everyone enjoy puddle this year? :3
I love your costume, and I had no idea that the doll dressed like you also had a doll dressed like her. smile
(06-16-2012, 01:22 AM)KiraKira Wrote: [ -> ]I love your costume, and I had no idea that the doll dressed like you also had a doll dressed like her. smile
Applecandy made Valancy a mini me, and I redressed her to match us.Happy

Thank you for the pictures, they are lovely smile and makes me a bit jealous because i couldn't not be there!
Thanks. I wish everyone could attend!
you look fabulous True, as do mini and minimini smile It all looks so much fun, if I start swimming now I might make it for next year LOL

Ohhh I wish I had been at that table with the $40 dolls !!

applecandy's outfits are both stunning and I am thrilled that both won prizes, as indeed they deserved to. Congrats to Luvvul also smile she so cute Heart 2
Oh wow, I wish I could come over someday, Puddle looks like the most amazing party ever LOL
It's fun! I'd love for you to come.
PUDDLE looks incredible! Truly wish I could have gone smile

Kudos for arranging such an awesome event Truefan- dont suppose you would do the same for the UK? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? lol wink
I only wish I could!
Great pictures!
How amazing! I wish I earned enough to join you one day but the ticket prices are crazy >_< (plus the cost of hotel, I don't have any family in US - I should tho, lol, most of Polish people do!)
This looks like a lot of fun!!
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