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Full Version: My Sebby, Derek
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I have fallen so behind on pictures. Derek is my Private Teacher Sebastian that I picked up a while ago,here on the DM. I did a couple of mods (KiraKira chips and a Leeke World wig) and bought the most awesome coat from KiraKira (omg I'm so glad it's too hot in Hawaii for leather because I love it).

Derek has a checkered past, and a rough personal history. He currently finds himself working as a hit man for organized crime syndicates in a cyberpunk future Seattle.

[Image: 7444060170_a4f3749341.jpg]

[Image: 7444061338_7b029129f1.jpg]

[Image: 7444061704_62c1a6e4f7.jpg]

GORGEOUS! and that coat is so awesome!
Be still my heart!


smile He looks really really really good--I love those eyes in him and he wears the coat well! I hope you will take lots and lots of photos...he so deserves to be seen.
Thanks you guys!
Wow! He's so handsome! That coat is amazing!
He's so handsome! Love the coat too.
Wow. That coat. Just wow. My Sebby would be so jealous!
How'd I miss this? He looks ready to impress the all the ladies.
(08-16-2012, 02:37 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: [ -> ]How'd I miss this? He looks ready to impress the all the ladies.

And he does impress the ladies, at least for a night and then he's bored. As good looking as he is, he's not exactly a good person yet. He has some personal growth to do. But thanks, he turned out better than I had hoped with only some very minor modifications. I need to get the symbol off of his hand, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
MEEP! ... a new hand mayhaps? that way you still have his original tattoo hand?
That's a good idea actually. I'll have to look into that now, or see if any of my other boys match skin tone.
Yeah, if you can just swap them, you can still have the original should you ever decide to part with him.
Ooooh,look at him!
He looks so intense!!