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Full Version: Feedback for Dolly_Moma
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Please leave your feedback here of we have a transaction. I promise to leave some for you as well!
+1 as a buyer

Dolly_Moma purchased a fur wig from my sales thread. Paid immediately, and everything went well. I would definitely recommend!

+1 as a buyer

Bought a stock wig from me. Communication was prompt and friendly, speedy payment. Thanks!
+1 As a buyer...

Purchased some eyechips recently. Perfect transaction in every way. Thank you!
+1 for a great buy

bought a dress from me and was a pleasure to work with yay

participated in a leekeworld group order i was running. she was quick as a bunny to pay both the initial and shipping invoices!
+1 as a buyer

She bought a couple pairs of shoes from me. Very fast with payment and prompt communication!