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Full Version: Ooops I accidentally started a collection....
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well at least it's not just me! x
I saw ghouls rule in toys r us in the UK smile
thanks for that lil, prolly wait till they turn up in tesco for £15 though x

oh they do have the ghouls rule in tesco (although they're £23 atm) and they have the polka dot ones too (the proper name for which I forget) but the operetta is really cool! Still will have to wait till they've been out a while and are cheap. Speaking of which wonder if the monochrome frankie will be cheap now, they had piles of those when I was there a couple of months ago
I was pining over MH dolls for a while before I finally gave in, but I've been able to keep the group small like you. I just added my second (Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona) to keep my Day at the Maul Frankie company. I think I have a weakness for cute side-pony tails because Dot Dead Operetta is next on my list...
I also enjoy dot dead operetta, I've liked the other releases of her but not enough to buy one just yet...
Teehee i know that feeling! I started out with just 2 (ok 3 but the third one was a freebie) now i have over 30 including doubles and rares!
I only started my collection as of this last December and I don't get much chance to have doll money but it helps that I'm only getting one of each character.

I wasn't going to get into MH since I've never liked dolls but my best friend decided she wanted one for Christmas (Her mom got her Scaris Jinafire) and then she wanted Skelita because day of the dead is a huge fav of hers design wise. I decided to get that for her for Christmas and that I would get one for myself as a sort of BFF gift thing, she only had a $10 budget for each of her friends and since everything we could find was 10 plus shipping she ended up getting me Twylas outfit plus all accessories as my gift ^w^.
As a huge cat fan I chose Catty as my first doll, then after looking at them more I thought "oh heck I'll just get the cats, there's only 5" so then I got Catrine.
At some point after that I began to appreciate the characters designs enough to casually make a list of all my fav dolls based on face ups and hair styles of each character accumulating my "one of each character" list. That came in handy when another friend of mine decided that he just HAD to get me something so I requested the cheapest doll on my list since this was too late in the holiday season (like the 21st) so my budget was spent (he wanted to get me a 3DS game but I felt guilty since I couldn't get him anything in return), that was how I received spectra and I was IN LOVE with her irl even though she doesn't look that great in pics. After that I somehow managed to get another family member to get me my Rochelle as she was the first character design I ever really loved before I got into MH at all.

Last time I had doll money I spent it on the lovely Viperine who has totally stolen my heart and the next chance I get I'll snag either Jane or Honey (or if I have to be cheap I'll try to snag one of the basic release dolls I'm looking for XD)
Sounds like me. "I will just get a few." Started out with 2 dolls I think, Draculaura and Clawdeen. It stayed like it for while. But the easyness to buy (just walk in to a store!) and cheap prices and... *rolls eyes* (well cheap if you compare to bjd/blythe/pullip) I even followed on new ones and what they released a lot when it went to bloom.

I feel if I was a kid, I would have loved them. Tough I am pretty sure my mom would never had bought me any or allowed it. I like how they are different from "regular barbies" the monster themes really hit me hard. I ended up having a lot of them, but since then my spree of buying new ones has calmed down a little. I also first thought I would get only one of each. Pfft on that so fast. And I love twins too, so that also. I also like that they make a lot of them, so there is a lot to choose from, and the face ups are different. I think my favourites of mine are Skelita, Howleen, a green dragon (i think it was CAM lizard to begin with?) and a CAM mummy hybrid.

I have couple for customizing purposes, if I just got it started again making some face ups... I never customised/face upped a MH doll before, eyes are going to be a challenge.
Lol..I think we all can relate. It becomes an addiction. When I was collecting them I was on a constant hunt..
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