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Full Version: San Francisco meet: 11/17/12
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We'll be having a meet in San Francisco's Japan Town at the Peace Plaza on Saturday, November 17th at 1:00 PM until whenever. We may go off to have tea (possibly at Cafe TanTan or YakiniQ if they're open?) or a meal afterwards depending on how long we hang out!

UPDATE: Since it looks like it's going to be raining, we'll be meeting near the benches outside of Cafe Tan Tan, and then we'll decide where to go from there.

Original post below
Hi there! I would love to host a Pullip meet in the San Francisco area if there's enough interest! I was thinking of meeting in the Peace Plaza at Japan Town because it's got a bunch of places to sit both ourselves and our dolls, and is near a lot of restaurants (if we get hungry and want to go out to eat together) and a few stores that sell re-ment! I've attended a few successful BJD meetups there, and it's one of the few public places in the city where they don't mind if we take pictures.

If anyone's interested, when would be a good date? I was thinking a weekend in the middle of November might work, which would hopefully give us enough time to garner interest and plan out anything.

I'll edit this thread with more info if there's enough interest, and I might crosspost this around other Pullip forums.
I should be able to make it. I love going to Japan town and it's so easy to get to! grin So far I'm only out of town the first week of November so mid November works for me. smile
Okay, that's one person! I need to ask a friend of mine on DoA if she'd be able to make it as well. Hopefully a few more people will be interested!
Oh yay grin Yeah, there are a few of us around. smile Hopefully they can come too! smile
That's good to know! I only really know people in the BJD community (and I only know two of them with Pullips), so I'd love to meet other people who are involved in other types of dolls!
Hopefully they'll see this thread and we can work something out.
Mid November is a fantastic time for me as it's between the busy holidays. Thanks for trying to plan something Elagabalus! I'm definitely looking forward to see how many folks decide to poke their head in here and join us. =)
Yay, hopefully this time I'll actually be able to make it so I can finally meet you, MacaronTea! smile I've reached out to the others who usually come, so hopefully we'll get some interest!
I'm on a pretty tight budget, but if we keep it pretty low key mid November is fine for me.
Vanie - Ha yes! We seem to just keep missing each other. :3
Zayne: Of course it would be low key. Just hanging out, probably in the peace plaza and taking pictures! I think dinner afterwards would be optional/if we're all hungry.

It did just dawn on me that it can get pretty cold and a bit rainy in November, so we may want to try to come up with a backup in case the November weather gets really gross. I think we're allowed to meet by the little castle in the lower floor of the Kinokuniya building, but the lighting down there is kind of awful.
We had the meet there last time, and it was pretty neat and low key, if a bit crowded.

But if we have this meet in november, would anyone still be interested in the Christmas in the Park meetup that we typically have in December?? Should we just cancel the Christmas meetup, or still try for it?
I'd be interested in two meets, personally! Or we could move this one to October if that works for everyone? To be honest, I totally thought I was planning it for next month, apparently thinking that this month was October. right
I only have a few open dates in October-- though the first two weeks for are booked as I will be traveling. I'm down for more meets though! Whatever works smile Halloween theme would be kinda fun! All our dolls in costumes? wink
I am always down for more meets! Sadly though my October is a wee bit full, but if the meet was on one of the first two Saturday's of the month I'd have better odds of making it!
I think only the weekend of the 14th in October is bad for me.
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