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Full Version: sister monja, a most pious bunny (sasha nuna)
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[Image: 8103277517_ee941c7560.jpg]

[Image: 8103291790_2e5f46bfdd.jpg]

[Image: 8103292958_e3b37180a6.jpg]
the detailing on the clothing is simply amazing.

[Image: 8103292058_e4c4a4d4a4.jpg]

[Image: 8103292284_e97d7efe12.jpg]

[Image: 8103292728_37c9c7c0c0.jpg]
scandalous, i know. but the shoes groove is putting on these dolls are impossibly cute!

sorry for the pic overload, but i am absolutely smitten with this girl.
What a sweet little bunny! I agree with you, the detail in her outfit is simply stunning! You've got a wonderful girl!
I love her! The outfit is wonderful grin
Oh wow, I'm impressed! She's really beautiful.