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Full Version: Biscuit, Molasses, and Fruitcake
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Hi, I'm Biscuit.
[Image: bmf1.jpg]

I'm here to show off my new KiraKira chips and introduce my girl and my sister.
[Image: bmf2.jpg]

Hello, I'm Molasses.
[Image: bmf3.jpg]

I can't believe I'm wearing this tulip outfit just so I'll look good with your sister. I mean it's cute, but it's better suited for a Dal.
[Image: bmf4.jpg]

*couple photo*
[Image: bmf5.jpg]

While she was fixing my wonky eyelashes, TrueFan also gave me KiraKira chips.
[Image: bmf6.jpg]

HELLoooo!! I'm Fruitcake! I am so excited to be here!
[Image: bmf7.jpg]

Here are MY gorgeous KiraKira chips! So excited to get some! I left off my glasses so you could check them out!
[Image: bmf8.jpg]

You know you are near-sighted and need to wear those glasses, Fruitcake.
I can't see them but they can see me!
[Image: bmf9.jpg]

Oh, check out how adorable Molasses looks in that tulip outfit!
[Image: bmf10.jpg]

*group photo*
[Image: bmf11.jpg]

My one trio with KiraKira chips.
[Image: bmf12.jpg]

*sibling bonus shot!* When I picked these chips out indoors, I actually thought they were the same, but Fruitcake's are blue and Biscuit's brown. Still, they look good together.
[Image: bmf13.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
They are really cute together! I actually like Molasses' KiraKira chips better than her stock eyes. That outfit on Fruitcake is adorable too.
your lovely trio looks so sweet together :3
and i love Fruitcake . She is adorable ^^
They are so cute and really look great altogether since they complement each other so well. I especially love Fruitcake's outfit and her sweet little freckles.
Ahhh, they look gorgeous smile Those grey chips are lovely!
Thanks, everyone! Fruitcake's dress was made by sewgrandmacathy. Her sweater is from dragonlady; not sure about the hat.
Fruitcake is so adorable! I love her new chips and her outfit! <3
Simply adorable. :3
And omg.. I LOVE their names.
Especially Molasses <333
Thanks, vanie and bambi latte! I named Biscuit and Fruitcake first, then Molasses just came to me.
oh goodness, Fruitcake is the cutest ever!!!!
(11-10-2012, 10:01 AM)youngatheart Wrote: [ -> ]oh goodness, Fruitcake is the cutest ever!!!!
Everyone looks lovely! Fruitcake I will confess though, completely steals my heart. She is just beyond adorable! <3
Thank you! She is going to her first meet today.