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Full Version: Mitsuwa Chicago 12/9?
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There is a chance I could be stopping by Mitsuwa Japanese Mall in Arlington Heights on Sunday, December 9 in the morning. Would anyone be interested in meeting up if I did?
I would love to, but I'm pretty sure I have to go to a wedding that day.
im about 99.9% sure ill be working that day - id love to but we'll see how my schedule plays out


I would be interested in going smile ill let u know if i can for sure
well technically i could go - but seeing as im closing the night before i think im going to pass - i dont want to take any chances with being late to work again - i would have loved to come though yay
I know it's a week late, but I don't live too far from Mitsuwa (sadly I used to live even closer, but just moved). Anyway, I never have any luck finding dolly (esp. Pullip) books in their bookstore, has anyone?
There aren't a lot of Pullip books, so there's not much chance of finding one for sale at a shop, I'm afraid.
Oh, I was mostly thinking of the Dolly Dolly magazine/book with sewing patterns, some of the patterns fit Pullips. Since it's in Japanese, I thought there would be a shot that the bookstore at Mitsuwa carries it sometimes!