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Full Version: February 3 Central Illinois Meetup - Champaign-Urbana
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Anyone up for a meetup in late January or early February?

In the past our January meetups have always been rather low-key. It looks as though Union Station is not a good place to meet up anymore since there is no sign of the awesome benches returning. If anyone else has suggestions, please give them.
In theory, I am available any date but January 19. However, train tickets may be out of my price range this close to the dates, especially on Sundays.
im up for anything really - I just need time to save money for food and a train ticket
Sorry True, I had meant to post earlier but forgot. I basically went straight from final exams into Christmas preparations!
I'd definitely be up for a meet in central Illinois!
(12-31-2012, 06:40 AM)TrueFan Wrote: [ -> ]I'd definitely be up for a meet in central Illinois!

Now that I could do smile
If we did a central Illinois meetup, where should it be? Champaign-Urbana?
I'd be happy to drive to C-U, or meet in Springfield, or host in Galesburg.
What about Bloomington? That looks to be a little over an hour from each of us, and it's closer to Chicago too. I've never really explored the area but the old downtown has a cute coffee shop and some nice restaurants...
Maybe we should just meet at the Tuesday Morning in Champaign.
Seriously, I've only been to Bloomington a couple of times for very specific purposes. I don't know much about it but that would be fine with me.

For me, it's 90 minutes to Bloomington, two hours to Springfield, two hours 15 to Champaign. So, any of those places would do.
wow - if we do that it'll be almost a 3 hour trip for me sad i think this is one i'm going to have to miss out on guys
Chicago is a 3 hour trip for me now...

just pointing that out.

It's only about an hour for me to Bloomington, so that sounds like it might be fun! (And Bloomington is about 2 hours from Chicago, if anyone there is thinking of joining us.)
im not saying I have a problem driving it just that I wont have the gas for it now that I don't work at TRU anymore sad
Yep, Chicago is a three-and-a-half-hour trip for me! Which I'm happy to make if we plan far enough in advance. But it sounds like this round may be in central Illinois, yay.
Yeah, Chicago is a good solid 3 hours for me now, and it's difficult for me to take long trips (even the 2 hours to drill is painful) now.

If the weather is warm, we could go to the zoo.

I also found this coffee shop that sells bubble tea, which is impossible to find down here smile
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