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Full Version: Mitsuwa Chicago April 13 2013
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This is a long way off, but I expect to be at Mitsuwa Japanese Mall in Arlington Heights, Illinois on April 13. Put it on your calendar if you'd like to meet me for lunch!
There is a strong possibility that I might be able to attend, yays!
if I start planning now (which im going to have to) I should be able to make it - and maybe even bring the bf along yay
I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. Depends on whether or not I'm going out of town for my girlfriend's graduation.
I'm marking the date. I need some Melon Bread in my life.


If I lived closer to Chicago I would be there. sad I'll be there for Puddle though!
(02-05-2013, 09:53 AM)SakurasBlossoms Wrote: [ -> ]I'll be there for Puddle though!
is it a bad thing if I already know which doll I'm bringing with?
ha ha, no
I'll be there smile
YESSSSSSSSS. I'll try and keep this in mind. yay
I need to see where I'm at money wise when this comes up, but I'm interested in picking up one of the dolls you have for sale True. I just can't be sure until April. Maybe if I cash in my change I'll have enough hehe.
Delightfulfreak: I'm still interested in Raiki if you still have him and come to the meet.
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