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Full Version: Creating the Kuchi-sake Onna -FINISHED!-
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Okay, so I have this Dead Tired Lala standing around, and I've finally decided what I want her to become.
The kuchi-sake onna.

To do this, she's gonna need a glasgow smile. <3
If you don't KNOW what a kuchi-sake onna is, please read here:

Anyway, I probably will have my sister help with the painting, since her hand is MUCH less shaky then mine, and has some painting experiance.
But I was wondering if anyone has any tips for bringing this girl to life.
I need to come up with a new name for her while I'm at it...
Blimey, she sounds freaky! Good luck with the customisation, I hope you'll post pics of your progress smile
Of course I'll try, if my sis permits it. XP
But I'm so excited. <3 She found gloss for her lips, so we won't have to purchase it!
Plus, she has ALOT of acyrlic paint, so just gotta remove the paint, and get her to sit down to do it. x3
[Image: 8357782181_4461f4fefb.jpg]
Suritto by Shugahime

Her mouth has been cleaned of factor paint, and carved. Face is ready for paint!

I hope her finished appearance you'll like, too!
i don't think there's a doubt about that lol
Suri received her paint this evening, will be glossed/sealed tomorrow.
Can't wait to see! She's bound to be amazing. yay
I hope so, my sister did her paint. XP
Suri is finally finished!! I love my little girl.

[Image: 8371772862_7feed4df05.jpg]
Suritto by Shugahime

[Image: 8370708639_6230f7baf8.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime

[Image: 8371779630_8137f5f8cc.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime

[Image: 8371785764_715d56c384.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime

-hugs back-
I'm so glad she came out so well. :3
i think she's amazingly well done smile ... and i LOVE the shot of her with the lip balm nearby lol ... stupid but love it! lol
-giggles- When i took her photo... I didn't even KNOW it was there! ^^'
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