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Full Version: Fairyland event items!
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Bit of a long shot but I've been working on cleaning up the doll room and found some old Fairyland event items that I had kind of forgotten about in one of my Littlefee boxes Sweatdrop Do these things have any real value? I saw one set of the older wings listed on DoA for a high price ($100+) but that can't be right can it?

The first set of wings is from the Littlefee introduction event and are small clear blue resin wings
[Image: 8459572118_2d5ed01640.jpg]

The second set of wings is from the 2010 winter event and supposedly fit Littlefee and Minifee
[Image: 8458471841_2ffd2f489c.jpg]
[Image: 8459573488_3913b49837.jpg]
awww they are so pretty >_< i'm too wondering about their price ....
Neither set are sold anymore and pretty rare. I'd imagine the clear blue wings would be at around $80-100 easy. The large white resin wings - man I have a pair and I love those things. I wouldn't take anything less than $150 but I'd more than likely list them for $180-200ish. They rarely show up in the marketplace and are snapped up super quickly.