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Full Version: Toyfair News round up
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Toy's R Us is getting another "Fan's Choice" set. This one will consist of

-Queen Chrysalis
-Shining Armor
-Princess Cadence
-Diamond Tiara
-Lyra Heartstrings
-Derpy (FTW!)

New little PVC figurines due out this year

-Octavia (with cello)
-Queen Chrysalis
-Silver Spoon
-Smarty Pants
-Steven Magnet (Sea Serpent)
-Manny Roar (the Manticore)
-Fluttershy (FINALLY with her own mold. No more buzzed Rainbow cut lol)

-Crystal Princess Palace with Twilight Sparkle (which can connect with the previous Royal Wedding Castle Playset.)
-Princess Celebration Car(?) with Twilight, Spike and Bipedal SHOW Spike...not that weird dog like creature on all fours they released before lol

Animatronic Twilight Sparkle: says phrases, eyes blink, etc
Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash: I assume an SDCC and/or Pony Fair Exclusive
I am happy for Derpy, and Queenie Chrysalis. O-O
Good thing I haven't purchased Lyra yet!