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Full Version: San Francisco April Meetup - 4/7/13
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It's meet up time again!

Where: Tantan inside the Japantown mall
When: Sunday, April 7th
Time: 1pm

We may try to take some photo's with the cherry blossoms (before the festival which is the following weekend and thus tooooo crowded for a meetup).

Plus we could check out shops for new Re-ment and maybe grab food if we decide to stay for a while.
I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a meetup! smile I have classes in Oakland until 1pm on the 6th, so I'd be able to make it around 2-3pm that day depending on the BART (lately they've been having delays on weekends. ;_; ) On the 7th I should be open all day. smile

I haven't played with my dolls in such a long time!
Yay, thanks for setting up a meet! Japantown sounds great to me. I know I'll be going to a b-day party that weekend, I need to confirm the date & time, though.
Yayy you beat me to it! I'll be busy for the 6th, at least for lunch. I'm fine all day on the 7th!
Looks like Sunday is going to be the best day for me as well
I'll say the 7th is best for me as well.
Alrighties, sounds like the 7th it is! Shall we say...1pm then to meet up? We could meet up at the pagoda but if it's raining then the benches outside TanTan?
1 is great! If we'll end up at TanTan anyway, shouldn't we just meet there?

It's spring break for me, so I actually have time to make new clothes for my dolls! I'll bring my Taeyang with me this time.
I'd love to check out Tan Tan. smile I will bring the dolls I planned to bring last time and maybe a few more. smile
Okay, I'll update the threads first post.

Elagabalus - Your probably right about Tantan. lol

Vanie - I'm excited you can make it out this time, can't wait to meet you and your crew.
I'm super excited! I have to decide who to bring!!! And what they should wear! XD;
Thanks for coming out everyone! It was lovely to hangout again. yay I can't wait to see everyone's photos; I should get mine edited tomorrow. =)
It was so great seeing everyone today, I had a wonderful time! I haven't got around to editing all the photos but I did post some on flickr. Can't wait for the next meet (and more discussion about PB DITY LOL)

San Francisco Pullip Meet

Love is in the Air

Vanie's Puki

Zayne's Jimmy X

San Francisco Pullip Meet
It was great seeing you all, and meeting some of you! smile Hope to do it again soon! And yeah! PB DITY! hahaha
I've put up a photo post in the gallery if anyone would like to add their photo's there. yay

And yes, more PB Dity talk!!! (Oh no, we'll have to have another meetup to discuss!) HAHA!