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Full Version: Shipshewana, Indiana, JUNE 5th -Update-
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Okay, so I was thinking about having a meet up, here in Shipshewana, Indiana in June, on the 4th or 5th.

On both of those days, the fleamarket is open, and its pretttyyy big with all sorts of goodies to be found.

I hope some people here might be interested. grin

Here is the official meet up schedule, for June 5th.

Shipshewana meet:
June 5th.

9:00 AM
Shopping at Flea Market.

12:00-1:00 PM
Lunch at Jojo's Pretzels, in the Davis Mercantile

Whatever the group decides.
well by that time I'll have my car up and running so I'm in ^^
Yaaaay! grin
really really really REALLY gonna try ... it's up in the air for work though sad
This might be doable.

Like Fishies it depends on work schedule
wed the 5th is looking possible
We have an update with more information and details. I will edit in sites for such places, shortly.

*head asplodes*
Yeah, it's coming.

...I should really be asleep lol
i should be asleep too... but then im the one that needs to be up at 7 instead of 4 like everybody else :p

Much fun (and dollness) was had by all!