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Full Version: vadafade's feedback
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DM feedback:

Positive: 32
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0
+1 As Seller: Thanks so much for the advice and my Monomono body and wig! I really appreciate it!
+1 as a buyer smile
Fast payment and very polite!
+1 as a buyer grin

Very nice, fast payment.
+1 as a seller. I bought some T4 bodies from vadafade. Communication was friendly and shipping fast. Thanks!
+1 positive as a buyer, thanks so much for your prompt payment!
vadafade sold me a pair of Another Queen eyechips, they were packaged well, she was fantastic with communication and over all extremely helpful. Thanks so much! A+
+1 as a buyer!!! Great communication!!! Great to deal with!! Thanks so much!!
+1 for feedback as a WONDERFUL seller. Pleasant person and a hassle-free transaction.
+1 for seller feedback

Friendly and cooperative buyer ^^ Responded quickly and paid just as fast, thank you for going through a smooth transaction. Hope your doll likes the wig smile
+1 as a buyer - thanks for a smooth transaction!
+2 ( or +10000000 if I could) did custom face up and painted new eyebrows for her dollies .she is very understanding and patient with me. She is open to solutions and is very gracious . I couldn't thank her enough. :3

participated in a leekeworld group order i was running. paid both initial and shipping invoices quickly and was all-round lovely.
+1 as a split partner.

understanding and kind and generally all-round awesome!
+1 as buyer of jupi's stock outfit. Smooth transaction and fast payment. Many thanks!
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