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Full Version: Four Ciels and Two Sebastians
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Sebastian: Ah, I have arrived at the home of TrueFan. Now I must find my charges.
[Image: seb1.jpg]

Ciel: Sebastian! Oh, I’m so glad you are finally here! SHE said that the other Sebastian is “her” Sebastian, because he is the Private Teacher Version and she is Robin Ciel.
[Image: seb2.jpg]

[Image: seb2a.jpg]

Ciel: But now you are here, MY version of Sebastian.
[Image: seb3.jpg]

Ciel: Although, what has happened to your eyes?
[Image: seb4.jpg]

Sebastian: Forgive me, young sir, I was not aware that anything had “happened” to my eyes.
[Image: seb5.jpg]

Ciel: “Young sir!” What is that, Sebastian, a joke? You know I’m a girl. You are my servant.
[Image: seb6.jpg]

Sebastian: Forgive me, young mistress, for not realizing you are a girl. However, I must beg your pardon – I am not your servant. I am looking for my charges right now.
[Image: seb7.jpg]

Ciel: But - ? Of course you are my servant.
[Image: seb8.jpg]

Sebastian: Many pardons, young mistress, but I see my charges now.
[Image: seb9.jpg]

Ciel: Hello, Sebastian!
Ciel: Sebastian, finally! I need things!
Sebastian: Mistress Ciel, mistress Ciel.
[Image: seb10.jpg]

Ciel: Oh my stars! It’s like looking into an evil mirror!
[Image: seb11.jpg]

Ciel: But what am I to do now? No Sebastian of my own.
[Image: seb12.jpg]

Sebastian: Not to worry, young mistress, I am your Sebastian too.
[Image: seb13.jpg]

Group shots!
[Image: seb14.jpg]

[Image: seb15.jpg]

[Image: seb16.jpg]

And with Coco (who normally hangs with the stock Ciels) and Oxford the maid. I need another maid!
[Image: seb17.jpg]
That is a nice group of Ciels and Sebastians! So many of thm and they each look different. smile
I love it! Great dialogue. smile
Thank you!
I chuckled so much while reading, poor confused Ciel! By the way, the 'Robin ver' is so adorable, especially when she's redressed smile I better scout around whether I can get a nice deal on her.
Thanks! Both the Ciels are quite lovely redressed. There are some more chapters with the Ciels and Coco, but I don't think I ever posted them on this forum.
They make a great group smile
Adorable and impressive group! I don't have Sebastian but he is great. Are those stock wigs on all the Ciels?
Yes, all the Ciel wigs are stock. I bought Sebastian used, and I'm told his wig is not stock. His chips aren't either - which is good because his original chips freaked me out. Thanks!
I'm starting to really like Dal Robin Ciel ver.~ I like her with her stock, so fancy looking! Too bad I haven't gotten her in a previous sale :/ And I've always liked Sebastian Private Tutor, except with the stock, I like the Butler one better smile

So.. They aren't doubles right? LOL
I'm not sure what you mean by "they aren't doubles..."?
You Ciels are really adorable. Their stock wigs look amazing. I have an extra Sebastian wig that I'll be bringing to Puddle, but I think the one you have looks really good on him and is probably better quality wise.
Very cute.
I love your photos and the texture of all elements meshing together perfectly.
Thank you.