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Full Version: ~Bait Fanatica to beautiful Angel ~
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Few days ago, I won a bait Fanatica on ebay. She was listed as used and imperfect doll, so I was not expecting a like-new doll.
I received her Saturday afternoon... my first thought was "poor girl".
She was very dirty, yellowed (especially nose), had lots of scratches and damaged face up (lips, chipped eye liner and blush). Also, there was a lot of heavy glue on and in her head, which caused melting.
This is how she looked like.

[Image: 8918609357_1c357602d3.jpg]
Angel Before by L a l e t t e *, on Flickr

I spent over 3 hours cleaning her, removing glue and sanding off melted plastic.
I meant to remove the entire face up, but I though it would be a shame to do so, since she is the original Fanatica. Therefore, I removed the yellowing and most of the scratches, retouched eye liner, added very subtle eye shadow, blush, repainted the lips and eyelids.

Its very late now and the light is horrible but oh well. I'll take some proper pictures of Angel tomorrow. Nonetheless, this is how she looks like now.

[Image: 8918608801_b3c2f81e19.jpg]
Angel After by L a l e t t e *, on Flickr

Thankyo smile
I am having a hard time believing that is the same doll! What an improvement you've made on her--I especially love her new & improved lip color.
It's a joy for me to see transformation of old dolls - becoming beauties from dedicated collectors~ thank you sharing the change of Angel yay I want to do the same to my Chelsea, and later a Xiao Fan so it inspires me
She's beautiful martah smile Great job!
you did a great job - this is why i love customs so much yay
She's beautiful, I love the colour you've painted her lips.
Wonderful custom! She's totally gorgeous now, you've done a fantastic job!
She looks amazing! so cute!
Amazing job! I love her new lip color grin
Aww, she's so much prettier now! Happy You did a wonderful job. yay
That's a tremendous improvement!
I love those soft pink lips! Beautiful restoration.
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like her. It took hours to bring her "back to life" but it was definitely worth it.
I'm happy to read that it inspired you, Joichi. Good luck with your girls, I'm sure they will look lovely!
Oh what a good job! I especially like that you kept the best of her look, and only changed what needed fixing. Her lips are so nice now.