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Full Version: Bristol Renaissance Faire August 18 2013
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Who is up for a Bristol Renaissance Faire (Illinois/Wisconsin border) meet this summer? Thought I'd get some dates up for a poll before my weekends fill up.

Oh, and there is a ticket sale through June 30.

Edit: we've settled on a date, August 18.
I would love to! I'm open when ever.
Chris & I would like to go. It was so much fun last time! Think the August date would best for me, but other dates could work. Could probably make any of the dates other than July 20th.
I voted. smile I'm good for any of the dates except July 20/21.
OK, July 20/21 are out.
I voted! Tongue

...Also, I'm closing a show on July 27, and will be going to Indianapolis on July 30th (which is a Tuesday), so any weekend that is not the 28th of July is probably optimal.
Should we go ahead and settle on August 18?
I'm ok with the 18th. yay
I'll be there smile
18th still works for me smile
I would love to join everyone. I live 5min from Bristol. I can gladly bring a few dolls.
I am just confirming that this is still ON! The Faire opens at 10. I live a long way away but am shooting for arriving around 10:30 am. My cell is 309 299 0486.

You can print a coupon for $2.50 off:
I'll be there too smile
Thanks for the coupon!
I don't think I'll be able to make it this year. It's too far and too expensive right now.

True, I'll see you at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival, right?
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