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Full Version: NRFB Taeyang Jade - current price?
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I decided not to use him for the custom I'd planned (which I may never do anyway) and I would like to sell him. Taeyang Jade has just been sitting- inside his box -AND- the shipping box in which I received him- on my shelves, in storage.

How much would he currently sell for? I need the cash and I've realized that I'll probably never use him.

(I'm based in the US, if that's at all relevant.)

ED: I'm guessing that the usual list prices wouldn't apply to NRFB Jades.
I just sold a NRFB Taeyang Jade for $125 plus shipping recently.
Yeah, I would guess that $125-130 is about the right price for a NIB Jade, based on eBay and the Pullip Sales Livejournal.