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Full Version: Yeolume in Korisu Factory
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Along with an Azone PNXS body for my Yeolume, I also picked up most of Byul Paradis' stock outfit from another collector at PUDDLE. I didn't specifically get it for her, but she looks pretty darn cute in it.
[Image: 9176302818_878f0e2456_z.jpg]
I've always admired Korisu Factory's more elaborate dresses. The interesting fabric combinations, embroidery, ribbons, buttons, and beads remind me of crazy quilting.
[Image: 9176306632_c5fa64c4bc_z.jpg]
And I replaced her stock eyechips with a pair of Kira Kira eyechips.
[Image: 9176308656_2436889fc2_z.jpg]

The Paradis stock pretty much hides her PNXS body, so I took a few photos with her dressed in summery attire.
[Image: 9246233958_820e9faa66_z.jpg]

[Image: 9243452435_539cbf4541_z.jpg]

[Image: 9243450651_cfc7d00d0f_z.jpg]
She looks really pretty smile That Azone looks like a good match to her too.
She's really pretty with those KiraKira chips. I love the first pic - she looks adorable & the body is indeed a good match.
Yeolume has potential to be beautiful with a few modifications smile
Awww....she's so cute! I love her with the new body you gave her, and the outfit is perfect for her. Now I want a Yeolume too.
Adorable! I really want a Yeolume now too...
She is super cute!
Thanks! The PNXS in white is like the white Obitsu in that it has a bit more color to it than Yeolume's head. But it's not too obvious. She needs some option hands so she can play her accordion.
Wow, you've put a lot of work into her! I haven't seen that stock in detail. It's very interesting.
Did you have to do any altering of the neck peg of the body to put Yeolume's head on it? Is it similar to sanding/sawing down the obitsu neck peg for installation?
Ack! That's it - these photos finally made me crack and order the PN XS body for my Yeolume. She's just too cute with it!! Special 3 I adore how she looks in this outfit, too!

I second Kirakira's question. How labor intensive was the body swap? I want a Yeolume too LOL! She looks adorable!
Now I want Yeolume even more. LOL She's suuuch a cutie, and that body looks perfect with her! Also curious about the body swap~
And what a cute outfit! I love that crazy quilt look as well.
Thanks for all the comments!

I've seen Byul Paradis for a decent price on Amazon, but finding her stock at PUDDLE saved me the trouble of getting the whole doll just for the outfit.

On to the body stuff:
[Image: 9166033999_2707d6897d_z.jpg]
I had to trim the top of the neck peg down a bit to fit under the eye mech and fatten up the base of the peg like I would with an Obitsu. I also shaved down a bit the sides of the neck stem of the body. They're higher on the sides and scooped down a bit in front and in back, instead of being flat across. Here's a link to someone else's close up:

The white strip is some teflon tape providing a barrier between the body and the head.

Like the 21-23cm Obitsus, the neck is a bit longer than I'd like. It doesn't look too bad once she's dressed, though. I think I'll leave her like this for awhile until I'm sure I want to keep her on this body. Then maybe I'll try to cut the neck down a bit and create a new neck attachment with Apoxie sculpt or something.
Updated first post with some new pics.
I love her!
She looks super cute and festive in the Paradis outfit!
I am glad you got so lucky finding it at Puddle which made your day most exciting and memorable.
I love the little accordion, if she will play a tune, I can dance like a leprechaun!
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