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I recently moved to Northern Virginia, and I don't have many friends here yet. Would anyone be interested in having a Pullip meet either in the NoVa or downtown DC area? I don't know my way around so I'd need some help in picking a place, but other than that I'd be down to organize something!

Let me know if you're interested, and when you'd be around to get together!
I'd like to bump this up to say that I'm still very interested in holding a "Pullip/Blythe/BJD/whatever dolls you wanna bring" meetup in the DC/NoVa area. I'd love to host something this fall! Does anyone live nearby? Wanna get together and talk about dolls? right
I'm moving away from DC in a few weeks, so I'm no longer able to host a meet-up there. I tried to delete this thread on my own but kept getting an error message. So, for all intents and purposes, this thread is now closed (unless another meet up host jumps in)! Thank you! Heart