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Full Version: New wigs, before & after. Opinions please! :)
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Kacey & Miley got new wigs recently. I'm really pleased with Kacey's, but a little unsure about Miley's.

Here's Kacey before (in little sister Kitty's wig)...

[Image: 8560809810_623202b38c.jpg]
DSC01522 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

And here she is now, in her new fur wig...

[Image: 9249364345_7656847180.jpg]
DSC_0396 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

[Image: 9252107600_2104b620c6.jpg]
DSC_0395 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

What do you guys think? I think she looks a lot better with the fur wig, & I can feel her personality coming through more now.

Miley's new wig I'm a little unsure about... Here she is before (stock wig)...

[Image: 9249418547_ea4dd9e770.jpg]
DSC01750 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

Here she is in her new wig...

[Image: 9252140246_8ea3ab6ffa.jpg]
DSC_0390 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

[Image: 9252110170_921978ef63.jpg]
DSC_0388 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

I was expecting the wig to be white, not blonde, & also longer then it is. It looks a bit....round. What do you guys think?

Also, while I'm here, Jake & Sam got new wigs too! smile ...

[Image: 9115679198_5ab6a0fc8f.jpg]
DSC_0319 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

I think they look more brotherly now, & the brown wigs suit them really well. I'm still thinking about changing their eye chips.
I love the wig you got for Miley, it's adorable. I think I like the longer hair better on Kacey though.
The new wigs look great! Miley looks so pretty as a blonde and with the short hair. And Jake looks really good in his new 'do. Is that Batman hoodie one that you made? It is awesome!
I think it is quite obvious that Kacey prefers her new do. She is looking quite vivacious in it! And yes, it brings out her personality. The other wig is very pretty indeed, but she looks more sedate in it.

Miley, hmmmm.... The new wig is a knock out on her, the fringe of blue with her blue eyes, is so striking. isn't doing anything for her personality. The bow isn't helping.... I think longer, swingier hair or just something different could let her shine. How does she look in the other red wig?
I think I like the longer one on Kacey more smile
Excuse me for asking, but may I know where did you get it?
Yea, Miley's wig looks a bit too round, but is cute on her anyway - I'm a sucker for blue eyes blond girls. Tee hee.
Jack & Sam look good on their wigs, and yes I agree there is a need to change their eyechips.

Hope I helped Tongue
I looove the new shorter wigs on both of your girls! They look so spunky and cute!

I have a Naomi, so I know that she's challenging to find a good wig for. I adore how this wig looks on her! Though personally, I think she'd shine better without the bow. It seems too cutesy for her new, edgy look! Special 3
I really like Miley's new look, she looks much cuter. Her lips stand out beautifully.
Kacey looks great in both wigs, but I also think that the short one brings out her personality little more. It seems to match her style better too.
I love Kacey in the red fur! I like the style of Miley's wig, but I'm not sure the color does much for her. And the guys in fur look adorable, too.
Thanks guys! smile

Leannarchy, I never felt that the long wig sat/styled right on Kacey for some reason, I think it looks so much better on Kitty...

[Image: 6686067317_7da3f6a3f0.jpg]
Kitty by Lilcurly, on Flickr

Kirakira, I did indeed make the batman hoodie smile I've wanted to make Jake a Batman hoodie for ages lol. I wanna get some of that transfter paper that works on dark fabrics so i can make him a black batman T-shirt as well.

kuanyin4, yes I think vivacious is what I wanted for Kacey smile it seems to suit her better. And yes, with Miley, I just don't feel the wig is 'her', I envision that sort of colour, but with long wavey hair & a side fringe. Lol, I like sticking bows on my dolls heads :p Most of them have either a bow of a flower in their hair most of the time.

beajjai033, I got the longer wig off Ebay, I can't remember which seller though, sorry. I get all my doll wigs off Ebay smile I'm thinking blue or turquoise for the boys eyes, I think it'll really bring them out with their brown wigs.

Pixachii, lol, oh dear! Looks like the bow is gonna have to go then :p I think for Naomi it's gotta be black, white, blonde or turquoise....or a combi of 2 of those smile

Martah, Thanks! The wig does seem to bring out Miley's face-up.

Cornflower blue, yeh I'm thinking the blonde looks a I think I'd have preferred it if it was white like I thought :/

Thanks all! smile Mixed opinions over all, but I think I'll be re-visiting Mileys wig to see if I can find something longer.
(07-10-2013, 05:53 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: [ -> ]Pixachii, lol, oh dear! Looks like the bow is gonna have to go then :p I think for Naomi it's gotta be black, white, blonde or turquoise....or a combi of 2 of those smile

I dunno, I really adore this pink wig on Naomi!! (Pic isn't mine):

[Image: 6196323391_0a63de9856_o.jpg]
Swanky new wigs! by foxifaeri, on Flickr

Off-topic, I wish Foxifaeri would make more wigs! They are all so lovely! Tongue

On-topic, I really, really love how the turquoise peeks out on Miley's new wig, and I adore the length and style. It's really stunning!! Special 3
^oh yes! That is really nice smile

-Thank you smile I'm still not feeling it unfortunately, but she's going to have to stay in it for a few weeks, so I may change my mind, we'll see smile
(07-11-2013, 06:56 AM)Lilcurly Wrote: [ -> ]^oh yes! That is really nice smile

-Thank you smile I'm still not feeling it unfortunately, but she's going to have to stay in it for a few weeks, so I may change my mind, we'll see smile

If you're not feeling it, then you should definitely change it!! In the meantime, may I ask where you got your wig from? Because I have a Naomi of my own in search of a wig, and I really adore how Miley looks with the short blonde wig you found! blush
Kacey looks fierce in the short fur wig! I LOVE it on her! Her sassy, punky personality comes right out, much more so than with the longer wig. I just scrolled back up to look at her again, and WOW. Isn't it amazing when we find a wig that just "fits" a certain doll, like it was made for them? That's definitely Kacey's new wig.

Miley looks very pretty in her new blonde wig, but I agree with the others that the bow needs to go. I get what you're saying, though; the new wig just doesn't quite bring out her personality. Have you thought about trying a light blue wig on her, to match her eyes and eyeliner? I think a big part of Naomi's personality comes from her eyebrows, so maybe try a wig without bangs/fringe? I dunno -- just an idea. smile

(07-11-2013, 12:01 AM)pixachii Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 6196323391_0a63de9856_o.jpg]
Swanky new wigs! by foxifaeri, on Flickr

Oh my gosh, Naomi is *stunning* in that pink mohair wig. I never would have thought to put pink on her.
I love Kaceys new wig! I'm going to agree and say it really brings out her personality, and it suits her style a lot beter. <33
Fur wigs have certain characteristics about them that I just love.

As for Miley, I definitely like the shorter,new wig on her than her stock. Her stock wig can sometimes make her look kinda bland, imo. ^^;; With this new wig, you can really appreciate her features, and it really makes her eyes POP. It's a big step up from her stock wig, but I'm not sure if the style is right~

...idk the more I look at it, the more I like it on her. Sweatdrop
I really loved Miley's wig at first, and was very unsure about Kacey's. Now I'm really liking Kacey's wig (I think the bow was throwing me), and have mixed feeling about Miley's. I really like the wig, and I really like Miley, but I'm not sure I like them together.
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