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Full Version: Illinois/Chicago area peeps - shall we meet this fall?
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Anyone want to meet in the Chicago area or central Illinois this fall? It's almost October - time to plan!

Some possibilities:
Brookfield Zoo

Russian Tea Time (downtown):

Springfield, Illinois (to see sceimhiuil and her baby)

Galesburg, Illinois (come see my Dal collection!)
I'm all for it yay
Hmm, not much interest in the zoo meet. Do we want to plan a different Chicago area fall meet? Tea at Russian Tea Time again? Or....?
I'd be up for Russian Tea Time. I'd like to go to the Shedd Aquarium.. Not sure if anyone else would want to go there..
We had a meet at the Shedd a few years ago. It was fun.
Added some more possibilities to my first post.
woo! Yeah, I'd be down to do a meetup. (Not the second weekend in October though... my folks are in town. Tongue)
Another thought: Chicago Toy Show at the Kane County Fairgrounds:
Oh, wow, I want to see TrueFan's Dal collection if that's what you all decide on. Maybe it's time for another roadtrip. [Image: 24.gif]
You are welcome to visit any time, CornflowerBlue! Grab a travel doll and come on over.
I actually just got hired onto a haunted house so sadly all my free time is going to be going towards that seeing as we're going to be performing Thursday-Sunday - so as much as I'd love to join everybody for a meet I'm going to have to pass on this one
If I were closer, I'd totally be there!
(09-29-2013, 04:50 AM)TrueFan Wrote: [ -> ]You are welcome to visit any time, CornflowerBlue! Grab a travel doll and come on over.
I may have to take you up on that offer!
I would love to meet up with everyone this fall, but I don't feel right chiming in on where to meet. I live so far north I'd skew the results. It would be best for me if we met on a Saturday if there's going to be a bit of a drive though. I hit the Shedd the Sunday after Puddle, and had a good time. I loved Russian Tea too though.
There is a groupon deal for the Shedd going on right now.

It's going on for another 30 hours. The deal is good through Christmas eve, and it's a buy one get one total experience pass free. If you can find a partner then it would only be $20 dollars per person instead of $40.

Just throwing that out there in case people wanted to go there.
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