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Full Version: Dal Icarus photos and review
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I’ve been looking forward to this girl since I saw her prototype at the 2012 Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event, and she did not disappoint.
[Image: Icarus1.jpg]

Icarus has piercing blue eyes, vibrant hair, and an eye-catching faceup.
[Image: Icarus10.jpg]

Her hair is quite silky. She is very pale. She has painted red nails.
[Image: Icarus5.jpg]

Her panty/shorts are a little ridiculous...
[Image: Icarus7.jpg]

...but overall she looks terrific in her stock.
[Image: Icarus2.jpg]

[Image: Icarus3.jpg]

[Image: Icarus4.jpg]

[Image: Icarus9.jpg]

Considering her price, her stock is not well made. There are many glued on pieces that will probably come off over time. The stitching on her underskirt/shirt is already loose. Her boots are cute and fit nice.
[Image: Icarus6.jpg]

[Image: Icarus8.jpg]

To my surprise, she did not come with plastic wrap, and she is already showing faint staining on her lower legs. (This is not a problem in my case, as she will remain in her stock.)
[Image: Icarusstain.jpg]

On the whole, Icarus is a winner. She will look fabulous on display with the rest of the Steampunk II set. (I don't normally have two of a new doll at once, but I do this time so I thought I'd show the twins before I modify one.)
[Image: Icarus11.jpg]

[Image: Icarus12.jpg]
Wow, she has such a gorgeous face! Too bad about the stainy outfit.
So, I wanted to take out her chips and paint the backs. They were so glued in they shattered upon removal. Also, one of her head screws was screwed all the way through her back plate (so that the little ring that keeps them outside the head was broken. I supposed they use machines to tighten the screws and this one was waaay overtightened. This is something I've not seen in a new Dal before.
^ Oh, that's disappointing to hear, True. Thanks for these photos, though -- she is so pretty. I just adore the way her lower eyelashes are painted!
It won't be a problem. A Dal can limp by on four screws.
Oh, I love her! Those eyes, that faceup, that hair! She is beyond gorgeous.
Oh, wow! She's amazingingly detailed. She looks so hardcore in that first photo. However, those um.. ears? are a little weird imo.
You said she's a little pale.. so she doesn't have a greyish undertone to her? She looks that way in the photos,but maybe it's just the lighting~
"Icarus has piercing blue eyes, vibrant hair, and an eye-catching faceup." - Indeed, it looks dramatic, I love that hair color! And that piercing eyes is so unique. True, she doesn't disappoint.
The short does look ridiculous with that brown patch in the middle.
Blimey, I love that mask and those wings. I was hoping the arm warmers were body fitting though.
Aren't the antenna (if that's what it's called) too pointy? I am a bit clumsy with things Tongue
I never thought the ears had a fur backing.
And yes, too bad with that staining.

Wew, I have a very long comment. You can say I'm really interested with her smile
Her faceup is very smoky which makes her look grey. I've rewigged the second in a black wig and she looks even more grey in that.

As to the antenna being too pointy and the ears - I never know what Groove is thinking with the Steampunk costumes! Just have to go with it.
Ah, she's just gorgeous. Heart This girl's definitely staying on my wishlist! grin
Thanks for the photos and review, True! yay

She does seem to be the same sort of grey that Ende is, by the way.
Those eyelashes! *dies from gorgeous-ness*