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Full Version: Pollon is home
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So after laughing along with many others here over the ridiculous Byul mold... I fell in love with one and found her in a dent box sale. My sweet girl made it home today, and honestly, how can you not love this face? She's an angel, and her wig is like silk. I did a quick shoot in her stock dress, and am currently working on a new outfit. I think with the right clothes and eyes she'll be a serious looker. (You can still make fun of Byul here I don't mind lol she really does look like a fish 99% of the time).

[Image: 510bf429-5768-4dfe-8a6e-a6c6aa234650_zpsaa3e9a45.jpg]

[Image: StockShoot8_zpsd6bc4aaa.jpg]
Lol - She does look like quite a cute/pretty mold, Congrats on your new girl smile I still can't bring myself to want a Byul though :p
I love Pollon! She's my first Byul. smile I love her lips, she always looks like she's blowing kissy bubbles. X3 Congrats on getting her! smile
Pollon is a Byul I wouldn't mind owning. I really like her face-up and outfit. She's just a darling.
Congrats! ^.^
Congrats! smile
Eeeee she's cute!!! I love the way you have her posed - I never noticed that her fishy pout makes her look like she's blowing kisses! :o

So many people on this forum are bringing home cute Byuls lately! -eyes the Byuls for sale over at PullipStyle thoughtfully-
I don't normally care too much for Byuls, but this girl is adorable <3 her faceup is amazing and I love the last photo of her blowing a kiss! So cute <3 congratulations on your new girl! smile
Congrats smile
She's really cute...I normally don't go for Byuls, but Pollon seems to be one of the prettiest ones. smile Congratulations.
Congrats! She's a cutie!
Ty! I'm so happy to have her here. Was still unsure about her right up until she came out of the box and started posing. She's going to be tough to shoot though, especially foran amateur like myself. I've decided to name her Evie.
I'm not much of Byul person myself (can't get over that face shape) but the way you posed her is super cute. I can't wait to see her with different eyes. smile Congrats on your new girl.
She's soo pretty! Congrats!!

I don't know why people make fun of Byuls, honestly! I never found them anything but charming! When I first started collecting I actually found them slightly more charming than Dals as Dals just seemes a little pouty to me grin (although owning 2 Dals now I see they're not pouty, just cutely baby-faced Tongue)

Your girl is so sweet there blowing us a've made me want to get a Pollon now LOL
Congrats! She is super cute!! I am one of the few who actually love Byuls. Happy
lol i also remember finding byuls odd buy now im so in love with them, i have leroy and cant decide which girl i could get next, ah! maybe a custom girl
Pollon was the first one i liked, wonder why i ended not getting her instead, she do looks like a sweet angel :3
congrats on getting her! hope to see more of her around, the world needs more byul!