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Full Version: Football!
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It's football season! Here in Wisconsin that means it's Packer season smile I may have over paid for a lot or two in order to acquire some dolly Packer gear. It's so worth it to get some pictures of Laura and Nate having fun. Also, I think it's going to be a really good season for the Packers this year. We may have lost our first game, but we did a lot better against the 49ers than we did in our final payoff game last season. Then yesterday we beat the Redskins easily. Yay!

[Image: 9732771253_e13841c9bc.jpg]
Go Pack Go! by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

[Image: 9732770479_cc972a16ca.jpg]
Go Pack Go! by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

[Image: 9732769701_3545017d16.jpg]
Go Pack Go! by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr
I'm a football fan over here...I love these pics! I was happy when the Packers won yesterday; hopefully they can continue to win during the season.

Laura and Nate look adorable in their sports fan gear.
Whatever you paid it was well worth it! Love the Packers and Laura & Nate look awesome! smile
Well, Go Bears, but your dolls look awesome as Cheesehead fans.
Hehe, so cute!
I love the third photo, Laura looks so sweet. Nice outfits! smile
How cute! I don't pay much attention to football, but ... Go Browns!
I LOVE that cheerleader dress! So adorable! Heart (I'm a massive football fan too, but CFL instead of NFL for me LOL)
So cute! I have to say, Laura makes a great cheerleader!
I don't follow sports, but my boyfriend is a huge Packers fan as well.
These photos are REALLY cute,though. I love that last photo. smile
BEAR DOWN, darn it.

Though redheads look cute in green smile
Wow your team has some really cute players and cheerleaders. Go Packers!
Laura's eyes are incredibly lovely Heart

Aww, I love seeing piccies of Pullips and Taeyangs having fun together. Totally precious!!