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Full Version: Fall Girls <3 (Nahh Ato, Carol, Custom)
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I'm currently working on a very hard, frustrating and stressful exm assignment, and I needed to take my mind of it for an hour or two. So I decided to dress up my girls and photograph them <3 Definitely not the best photos, or best location, but I didn't have time to go outside or set anything up, but I hope you like them anyway smile

[Image: ru2ov8.jpg]

[Image: 2j0nxx3.jpg]

[Image: 2lckzro.jpg]

[Image: 2142z5e.jpg]

Thanks for looking <3
Aww your girls are so cute. smile I love Coco's headband~ I hope your exam goes well!
I love the pink girl, she's so cute and well, pink! They're all pretty great though.
lyricsoul: Aaww, thank you so much <3 I also love that hairband! Wish I had a hairband like that for myself! And thank you, I hope so too! Hehe.

rocketbossgiovanni: Thank you so much <3 Haha, yes, she is really pink. So glad you like her ^O^
What a trio of cuties! Carol looks really sweet in that hooded cape.
I really like the knit dress Nahh-ato is wearing. Did you make it yourself?
Cornflower Blue: Thank you so much <3 I just love that cape, so cute!
ByronicHeroine: Thank you so much. I love it too. No, unfortunately, it belonged to my mum when she was little. I think her mother made it.