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Full Version: Lotus is home! :)
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I got my Prupate today, and I'm smitten with her. *___*
I can't believe how much I already love her, and her character is coming together so nicely!
I didn't have anything planned for her, but knew I had to have her, and it's only been a few hours since I got home & opened her, but she's such a sweetheart already.
Allow me to share what I have for her so far. smile

Birthday October 4, 2013.

-*Iced Coffee
-*Girly things
-*Vintage floral
-*Cuddling up in the winter with a book & hot chocolate.
-*Being eco-friendly
-*Lotus flowers

-*Mean people

Onto her pictures!

[Image: 10092926195_81d3363277.jpg]
Untitled by whimsu (◠‿◠✿), on Flickr

[Image: 10092953026_bab528e57d.jpg]
Untitled by whimsu (◠‿◠✿), on Flickr

[Image: 10092890914_e94c625e68.jpg]
Untitled by whimsu (◠‿◠✿), on Flickr

[Image: 10092928395_1b3d1d3d55.jpg]
Untitled by whimsu (◠‿◠✿), on Flickr

[Image: 10092927705_c8a576241e.jpg]
LOTUS. by whimsu (◠‿◠✿), on Flickr
Haha my Lotus says hi to your Lotus. smile She's cute and I'm glad you like her. She's so cute sipping on that bubble tea.
Ahhh, I had no idea you had a Lotus. D: <3 *should pay more attention to signatures* x_x
At least it's not your Prupate, thaaat would be weird. Tongue
And isn't she? :3 She already has all sorts of flavors~
What a cutie!

I almost named one of my dolls Lotus. It's a great name.
She is very cute! Her face is a little like the romantic alice.
Squee! She's adorable in those pictures!
Very cute! I love that miniature bubble tea.
Prupate is such a beauty and I love her name!
Awww,thank you guys so much for the kind comments. smile
The mini bubble tea is so cute, as is your doll! Special 3 I love her pink socks!

I love her list of likes - she has such a cute personality! I would like to be friends IRL with someone like her! wink
Aww,thank you pixachii! :3
I actually took some (okay, a lot) of my own characteristics and put them into her.
Which I guess I try to implement into all of my dolls a little bit, but not as much as I did with her!
There's something about her..
Aww!! Haha Lotus is so cute and innocent there enjoying her drink Heart lovely photos Whimsu!!

(btw may I ask you - did you have any issues with her stock outfit staining? On my Prupie the red ribbon of her hat had leaked onto her shirt, neck, and even the faceup of her chin a little sad )
Thank you, Missy! smile

And I actually bought her secondhand and she didn't come with her stock outfit. sad That's terrible about the staining, though!
She is so adorable!!
Ah, I see! You had a lucky escape, that red ribbon was a pain in the butt xD The outfit you've got Lotus in is beautiful, it brings out her cuteness very well -^_____^- that last photo is so perfect btw! Lol sooo chilled out with her feet up! Heart

(and thanks but don't worry! I managed to scrub my Prupie's faceup clean, that's the important thing Tongue )