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Full Version: Loa photos and review
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“Peerow…..Peerow…. I’m a singing bird…. I am going to wait for you again today and sing!!”

I love birds so Loa is a big hit with me.  She has a beautiful soft wig – a little thin, but not bad.
[Image: Loa1.jpg]

Cute big butt bow on her tiny butt.
[Image: Loa2.jpg]

She has adorable shoes in the same mold as Coral’s.
[Image: Loa3.jpg]

Her cameo is a nice touch.
[Image: Loa5.jpg]

The feather on her hat is ridiculously tall.
[Image: Loa4.jpg]

Her net sleeves are very long, but I suppose they are supposed to give the illusion of wings.
[Image: Loa6.jpg]

She has a lovely delicate faceup and beautiful eyebrows.  Overall she is a sweet and beautiful Dal.
[Image: Loa7.jpg]
Haha! Big butt bow! She does look pretty.
Wow, I love her eyes and her yellow tights!
Aww, she would be one of my favorite 'new releases'!

Somehow ever time I hear her name 'Loa' and the feathers, I think of that musical song "Copacabana' and the line of "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.." I started getting amused by the sort of similarities (except I'm sure Loa isn't a show girl) but oh that feather is quite TALL :O

The sleeves, you almost can't see her arms! haha. And that cute bow butt!
Very pretty faceup, I love the way her eyebrows are done.
Thanks for all the comments! I love her eyebrows also.
You know, I really like the stock eyechips Groove has been producing lately. Loa's are a good example.
She's so cute! I was looking at her and debating getting her over Heiwa. She's much cuter in your photos then the promo pictures (that's pretty much true with every doll lol). I love, love, love cameo's and all that lace and fluff! You're making me want to make a place for her in my family!
I like her delicate faceup smile
I'm sure Heiwa is going to be cute too!
When I first saw her for pre-order I fell in love but wanted to wait for more photos.. and now, even after seeing a photo of her besides company, I still like her. x) Everything about her is perfect. She's a close candidate for my favorite dal.<3

What color are her eyelids? For some reason I'm thinking I'm seeing light purple?
She is adorable <3 I love her sleeves, so cute and long. And her eyebrows are amazing. I love how soft they look. Very nice pictures! smile
LOL Joichi I got that exact song stuck in my head thanks to this girl smile She's very lovely TrueFan, congrats!
Her eyelids are actually dark purple.