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Full Version: Natalie wig parade
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My as yet unnamed second Natalie has stolen Prupate's stock. I thought I'd put her own stock wig back on her after trimming the bangs but decided to take photos of her in some other wigs that might look good with the outfit first. Now I'm not sure which wig she'll end up with. But she does look good in a lot of wigs!

Straight brown mixed with blue:
[Image: nwp1.jpg]

[Image: nwp2.jpg]

Curly black:
[Image: nwp3.jpg]

[Image: nwp4.jpg]

Wavy teal:
[Image: nwp5.jpg]

[Image: nwp6.jpg]

Mixed blue with a bit of black:
[Image: nwp7.jpg]

[Image: nwp8.jpg]

Straight red:
[Image: nwp9.jpg]

[Image: nwp10.jpg]

Her own black wig with thinned and feathered bangs:
[Image: nwp11.jpg]

[Image: nwp12.jpg]
....I think I don't like Natalie. The brown and blue wig is my favorite on her though.
I really like how the first wig (brown with blue) looks on her. The black wigs and the red wig also look good...but maybe they make her seem too vampy. She's very striking, looks-wise.
Straight rep makes her lips pop! The brown one is really pretty too. I feel the blue/green wigs sort of drown out her face up.
Wow, I had no idea her eyebrows were arched like that! She is so much sassier than I originally thought! She reminds me of my best friend, actually, now that I can see more of her faceup. Heart I like her a lot more than I initially did.

I love her in the first wig!
I like the first one for her smile
Ooo I like the teal and the first wavy black wig on her. smile I love her lips.
Ha, it's funny, I'm the one who always wants to rewig every Dal in brown and I'm leaning toward the wavy black (Winter Angel style from JPOPdolls). She'll probably stay in this outfit. But I do like the brown/blue as well. I agree, the blue and red are not quite right for this look.
She looks pretty awesome in all of them! What a little face!
i like the poofy curly black wig for her :3
I actually really like the red one on her the best.

But for this look, I love the first one! May I ask what brand/style that is, if you know? I love it!
Ha, so many opinions! Personally, I don't care for the first one that most everybody else loves. I think the wavy black one is best. I also really like the teal and the blue, but she looks like a different doll in the light blue! Much sweeter and less Natalie-ish, so I don't think it is really her. But she is pretty as can be in it. What will her name be, I wonder?
Thanks for all the opinions! I hope the photos tempt a few more people into considering Natalie. I'm going to have to try the wigs on her again with the hat that is part of the outfit. The first is a Jpopdolls Kana in Coco Blue.

I'll figure out her name when I decided on a wig. I hope.