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Full Version: My custom girl is all done ^-^.
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Here she is, all done. I'll need to work on her hairstyle though, the wig is so poofy. And I need to find a name for her, hmmm.
[Image: 10439947864_79b7fb973a.jpg]
Hi there smile by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
[Image: 10439950524_752f53c7a7.jpg]
All done wink by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
[Image: 10439978665_97eaf80ee4.jpg]
..... by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
She is beautiful! The colors are really nice, and I always love something that feels so understated but has real personality. The lashes you drew give that punch of beauty. She looks like a girl who can keep her style relaxed but still get all dolled up for a special occasion.
Wow, Bee -- I am seriously impressed. Her faceup is so delicate and natural!
Wow she is gorgeous ! Fantastic work smile she looks like such a little sweety
Thank you girls, you are so supportive <3.

She's the girl next door I suppose ^-^. I had other plans for her, but this just felt right so I did it smile. I was going for natural anyway, I have plenty stock girls with a more dramatic/fancier and darker face-ups.
I want those eyelashes on me! Very nice smile
Very pretty. smile
Is she on an azone body?
Thank you ^-^. She is indeed on a azone body, size medium smile. I love the pure neemo bodies, and the body is heavier so it holds up the heavy head better. The wig makes her top heavy .
She came out wonderful! I really like her on the Azone body, too.
I love her so much! She looks like she could be a fairy! ^^
Aww thank you smile. I might have to get her a fairytale type dress sometime. Or maybe something like the dresses in Lord of The Rings ^-^.
Wowee, what a gorgeous custom! I agree with everyone about those eyelashes, they're so lovely I wish some of my girls had them! Tongue
You did a great job with her smile She has a lovely sweet look.
I know I already commented, but I keep coming back to look at this custom because she's so gorgeous! I love how you painted her eyelids!! blush
Thank you pixachii <3, come back any time. I will post more new pics on my flickr I'm sure. I feel more attached to my custom girls both blythe and my two Pullips. I am so happy to be able to customize, and it's kind of fun that when I have a plan for how they should look I end up with something else. But it's of course better to go with what feels right ^-^. I really wish both eyelids would close, but I knew one wasn't working before I painted them. I love having two old girls for customs as they are heavier and feel less flimsy, but I don't love the eyelid issues with older girls.
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