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Full Version: Dal Fiori
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Could I get a price check on Dal Fiori, please?

Noticed someone selling theirs - full stock, excellent displayed condition, no card or box but original stand - and they're asking 80 dollars.

Is that good or not? Considering Fiori hasn't been on PS in a while I'm guessing she's probably sold out therefore is worth more?
There were a lot of Fioris, and she is almost always stained. I'd say $80 for a full stock Dal with no box is reasonable.
Thanks True, and that's good to know about the staining. Definitely something I'll ask the seller should I choose to adopt a Fiori.
I know she was $80 new on PS, but doing a google search on her, it looks like she's completely sold out everywhere. Since she's apparently sold out, $80 for an unboxed one seems reasonable.