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Full Version: Deboxing Violette!! (VERY img heavy xD)
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So I've only halfway paid myself back for my little Sound Horizon twin, but couldn't hold out any longer! >.<

Warning: ridiculous amount of images below the cut xD

[Image: v5y0qc.jpg]

Even her box is pretty o.O

[Image: e7koco.jpg]

[Image: 125g9ar.jpg]

[Image: vfldkw.jpg]

[Image: 34o7iw0.jpg]

She's finally free! Her hair is very soft Heart

[Image: k021wp.jpg]

Her skirts are made of this iridescent material. It shimmers all colours of the rainbow in direct sunlight. Her outfit is made up of a jacket, waistcoat, shirt, skirt, petticoat, tights, boots, and a lace-up bonnet.

[Image: 2lmqqfs.jpg]

[Image: 210h7ip.jpg]

Little violet flower adornments everywhere. Wonderful attention to detail.

[Image: 2cylct3.jpg]

Her tattoo looks like a tiny dragon curled up inside a crescent moon.

[Image: 65sbi1.jpg]

[Image: 2djs21w.jpg]

I've decided to name her Leila!

[Image: 2wel4ph.jpg]

[Image: 2nvgjya.jpg]

Conclusion: she's a very precious Pullip and I'm SO excited to have her! Heart Despite the tattoo, which isn't as distracting as I feared it might be, she actually has such a sweet, natural faceup in contrast with her showy outfit. She reminds me a little of the Eva girls/Shinku/Megurine Luka that way. Her stock is very well made and her wig quality is soft and shiny - not quite BRH but definitely on par with Oui'Vera. It also, mercifully, doesn't smell sly

Only one problem...need Hortense now! ;__; lol

UPDATE: I finally got around to de-stocking her to colourfast today, and ouch...too late. Her white shirt is just blotched all over with purple from the jacket and waistcoat. Even a full day of soaking in biological wash hasn't gotten it clean, so anyone planning to get her be aware that staining is sadly a problem sad mercifully her little legs were wrapped in plastic so her body is totally unscathed from the tights.
She is very lovely smile congrats
She's beautiful! Congratulations on a pretty girl ^^! now to get hortense! x)
Wow, she's so pretty! I love her purple stock. Congrats, Missy!
A pretty and interesting doll. Congrats.
Congratulations! The tattoo on her face if very pretty and an interesting detail. smile
Congrats! I like her outfit, it looks much more elaborate and detailed than a run of the mill release.
Thanks so much you guys! ^____^ Yep her tattoo is very unusual and a cute detail Tongue
Congrats! She is very pretty and I love her outfit smile
Congrats! She is very pretty. I don't usually like the new eyes with big pupils but they look amazing on her. Such a nice colour.
She's sooooooooooooooo pretty. Oh god. Makes me want to get them both like, right now. X_X;

Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of her. =)
Thanks so much everyone!

(11-18-2013, 12:01 PM)martah Wrote: [ -> ]I don't usually like the new eyes with big pupils but they look amazing on her. Such a nice colour.

Yes, I'm very drawn to Pullips with 'catlike' eyes and Violette's were irresistible Heart

Aw and thank you Rhaine!! ^-^ I'm very happy you like my photos; collecting Pullips has really got me back into photography as a hobby. I hope to get better as I go.

-makes grabby hands at Hortense- xD
:O she's beautiful I love her outfit so much (I'd wear that in real life Tongue)
This is admittedly my first time seeing her! I had no idea who she was! O__O!
Her faceup is extremely pretty.<33 She's definitely unique! *__*
I'd really love to see more photos of her~
Congrats Missy! I quite like her tattoo and she reminds me of Luka too smile
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