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Full Version: Kenosha WI Mini-meet?
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I know there are more people from WI on this board than one may think. I was wondering if anyone would be up for a short meet. I'm not thinking there will be that many people or that we'll go too crazy. I'm just thinking meeting for a cup of coffee somewhere in the Kenosha or Racine area. Dolls are encouraged, of course. I'm in Kenosha on Tuesdays and Thursdays for volunteer work, but I can be flexible (I know people have jobs). This is totally a feeler so feel free to suggest anything.
I'd love to meet up with some dolly people! Sadly I don't have access to a car anymore except for on the weekends or after 6pm. And I live on the southside of Kenosha so walking to a cafe isn't really possible, where I'm at we only have fast food places.
Wish I could make it up there!
@lyricsoul- Weekends are totally doable, but I can understand if now isn't a great time for you.

@True It's no problem, it's a crazy drive for you. I don't know what a doll meet would be like without you, now that I think about it! There's always the next Chicago land meet.
If anyone else is up for a weekend meet I'm down with it provided I don't have to work (retail is crazy this time of year).