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Full Version: East Bay Meet Up (SF Bay Area) - Ardenwood Historic Farm/ (COMPLETE)
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Hahaha yeah! Still, so many cute cars! grin
Ooooh, I can't wait to see pictures of Penny visiting with all of your dolls!! wink Anyone who takes any cute photos of her is welcome to post them in her traveling thread, by the way~!
Would anybody be interested in bringing items to sell/swap?
Sure! We can totally do that! grin Is there anything you're looking for in particular?
My dolls that aren't Taes just have limited wardrobes, so I'm always on the lookout for more things for them. And I have some floating heads that need wigs and eyes.
Okie, I can bring some things,
I need to do a major spring cleaning...if I have the time. I'll see if I have anything but I think most of my extra dolly stuff is Monster High.
So far is it just us three Vanie and dms? I am probably going to get my picnic items secured tomorrow. Oh, and does anyone know if it is going to start raining?
Yup, think it'll just be the the three of us.

Weather report said that it should be just a bit cloudy. Don't think it'll rain, at least I hope not!
I heard possible rain on just Saturday, so I think we're good.
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