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Full Version: Ally's New Look
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In a larger dolly family it can often be hard to bond with every single one equally, and poor little Ally, my Classical Alice, hasn't been feeling the love lately sad It might have something to do with not having the time to find an outfit to suit her, and hating her wig (ringlets! oh the humanity! Dead).

Today I found the time to try to give little Ally a new lease of life by putting her in the spare outfit my secondhand Akoya Becky came with, and 'borrowing' the unused Peter Pan wig that Marnie discarded after deciding to be blonde Tongue

I think it's done wonders and already it feels like Ally and I have bonded yay what do you guys think of her new look?


[Image: 2i8kbo6.jpg]


[Image: 2vv9pmq.jpg]

[Image: aavwj4.jpg]

[Image: 25zqrcx.jpg]

[Image: qqeiab.jpg]

PS - if anyone recognizes the outfit (dress, shirt) she's wearing I'd love to know what brand it is! It doesn't look handmade but the tag inside it simply says 'made in China'. I've checked Azone/Licca outfits but haven't found it so far.
Oh she is such a cutie!!! She looks completely different, it's amazing what a new wig and outfit can do! Unfortunately Im no help when it comes to the outfit, but she is just darling in it! ^^ Im so glad you guys have now bonded! I adore her new look! And I hadn't realised how pretty classical Alice's eyes were, they're such a nice shade of blue.

I have a similar problem with dolls sometimes, but the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! ^^
I know how you feel about the bonding! I've been having trouble bonding with Luka, I can't seem to find her look. :s

Ally looks great in her new wig and outfit! She looks so good, you've made me want a classical alice! x3
I love that new short hairstyle on her--she's so sweet & sassy, and the color makes her pretty eyes pop. She looks good with her new makeover, and I'm happy to hear it's helped your bond with her.
The makeover makes her look more modern. I really like it. I don't recognize the outfit, either.
@Welly ahh thank you dear!! Ally is very flattered blush yes it's amazing what a new wig can do isn't it! Now I'm a little braver at the process I'd love to experiment with different colours and styles this year, really bring out my girls' individuality.

Thank you @Supernova and yaaay! I have converted one more into a Classical Alice fan xD She doesn't gets enough love compared to the others Alices; I'm so happy she's charmed you smile oh dear it's a shame about you and Luka; don't give up! When I'm stuck for ideas I like to browse Flickr and the galleries here to see what others are doing with that particular doll, as everyone's so creative and unique it can be so inspiring. I hope you can find your girl's style and bond with her, let us know how it goes! Heart 2

@KiraKira Thanks you very much smile My favourite thing about Classical Alice that you can't really see in her stock wig is how her powder blue eyeshadow matches her eyes :3 I really wanted to show that off at last, it's a pity to have such a pretty feature buried under those strawlike bangs >.<
Love that wig on her. I'm not too hot about it on Peter Pan but on other Pullips it's so cute. smile
You know, Alice's original stock wig doesn't do anything for her, but the Peter Pan wig really sets off her eyes -- I had NO idea Classical Alice's eyes were so pretty!

She looks awesome! I just love her whole vibe. You did a great job getting her true personality to the surface!
Thanks Cornflower, Lyric and Vada! yay

Y'know I was really surprised by how pretty Pan's wig is in person! The stock photos do not do it justice at all.

(I also want to thank our member Pretty Pullip, whose store I bought Ally's flower headband from. I gotta come back for more of those headbands, they're adorable xD )
Wow, she looks fantastic. I never knew how gorgeous she is, that stock wig makes her look meh.
She surely looks amazing! love the outfit by the way! hope you can find the brand yay
Thank you Bee! Yeah, her stock wig does her no favours xD

And thank you Scarlett!! yay Haha so do I, I'm very curious where it came from. I messaged the lady Akoya was bought from but she doesn't know either so I guess it's passed through a few hands Sweatdrop