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Full Version: Hortense is here!! Deboxing pics
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This morning when the red royal mail van parked outside and the doorbell rang, I almost knocked the postman over in my excitement to get my sticky hands on the box he'd bought me xD

Twas Hortense!!! -squeals- Heart 2

I grabbed Leila and set about freeing her sister from the cardboard prison, here are some piccies!

[Image: f251s6.jpg]

ahh! she's as pretty as Leila! Her stock is a vivid, brilliant oceanic turquoise - my camera doesn't do it justice.

[Image: fwk2f6.jpg]

[Image: 2vwfbpf.jpg]

Her hair is just as soft and the same colour but is about an inch longer - it reaches her little feet.

[Image: 35mqrk1.jpg]

I've named her Helena. She seems happy to be home yay While her sister has a secretive, devilishly sly expression, Helena's faceup is very calm and peaceful.

[Image: bh0i00.jpg]

She can finally stretch!

[Image: 2a5g9w7.jpg]

And finally, a quick twin moment smile Leila and Lena, together at last

...better pics of them together to come when I'm not shaking with excitement LOL
She's gorgeous! Congratulations!! So exciting when a new dolly comes home. Heart 2
Ah what beautiful twins! I really like both their names too. yay
She's so cute! I just love the color of her eyes. Congrats!
She is very lovely smile congrats
You are so lucky!The are really beautiful together. I'm glad you shared pictures.
Wow, they are so striking together! I'm glad that the twins have been reunited. smile

The turquoise color is so pretty--it comes up really nice in your photos, but it must be extra vivid in real life.

Thanks so much everyone! I'm so in love with her and feel so lucky to have both girls in the family. I cannot WAIT to do a proper photoshoot of them together; there will be soo much twinny photospam to come Heart 2 hehe

(01-15-2014, 02:21 AM)supernova Wrote: [ -> ]I really like both their names too. yay

Thank you Supernova! I have to admit I'm a bit lazy with most dolly names and just give them names I like, but with the twins (esp with their tattoos) I couldn't resist a bit of light/dark symbolism yay
She's beautiful! Congratulations! blush Your new dollies look gorgeous together; you must be very excited to own them~
Her wig looks really nice, based on the photos. How's the quality, Missy? Is it similar to Leila's wig?
Thank you Pixachii! Yes, VERY excited xD I keep glancing over at her and squeeing LOL

Yep, Vada, her wig is great! It actually seems a little smoother and softer than Leila's *although* that could just be a result of me constantly fondling/styling/petting Leila's the past couple of months Sweatdrop The only frizzy bits of their hair are the shorter bits which frame their faces either side - they have a few split ends as you can see in the last photo. I'm going to try to get around to trimming them at some point.
so beautiful! i just bought mine on ebay, is that where you got her? I can't wait to get mine.
Congrats on the new girl! I'm not much for the tattoos on their cheeks, but otherwise they are very lovely. I know not everyone likes the frilly stuff, but her outfit is adorable and looks fairly elaborate.
Lovely! I didn't know their faces were different. o_o

The blue one kinda reminds me of the Gosick collab- does anyone else get that vibe? :?

@kirakira is that a Pikachu hat?! :o #envy
Congratulations! They are a really pretty pair.
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