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Full Version: Hide (Rocket Drive) Taeyang?
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I hope I didn't overlook an already-existing thread ;A;

Curious about how much this guy goes for in mint condition and with his full stock~

thank you :3
I'd say between $150-180 is reasonable, depending on where you buy him. He's not sold out on PullipStyle, but he's not in stock, either; I don't remember how much he was going for there, but probably close to $150-160. If you really want/need him right away, I'd say that paying up to $200 wouldn't be unreasonable.
Thank you very much!
He's in stock at Groove USA for $129.99
Schweet! That's where you'd want to get him then, Anne! Good detective work, CB.
the hides just aren't that popular here so we've only been ordering them on request.