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Full Version: I rewigged Nikki
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I just got around to rewigging Nikki:
[Image: 12016346385_e2019540fb_z.jpg]
Before and after wig change by Mercy Tiara, on Flickr

Here are some more pics:
[Image: 12012773234_cac72d093f_z.jpg]
Rapunzel? Is that you? by Mercy Tiara, on Flickr
It's really long! At first I thought I might cut it, but I kind of love it as it is.

[Image: 12014153833_c4ca634182_z.jpg]
Nikki's new wig by Mercy Tiara, on Flickr
I think she likes it too!
The wig suits her very well, I love the color. smile
Gorgeous!!! She looks amazing in her new wig yay
She looks gorgeous in that wig!
Nikki looks great! The new wig seems to match her brows really nicely. Can I ask what wig it is?
That wig really suits her -- she looks great!
Ahh, she's such a beautiful girl with a serene expression.

I think she looks so much nicer in her new wig; it really brings out her personality! She reminds me a little of Pullip Kiyomi with all that long wavy hair smile
Wow! That's one gorgeous wig!!