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Full Version: New Rule regarding counterfeits, fakies and recasts
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Effective immediately all recasts/counterfeits/fakies are banned for sale here on the dolly market forum. Our (the moderators) goal is to have a safe place for our members to shop for authentic items.

Discussions about where to buy recast/counterfeit/fakies items are not allowed, asking if a store is safe to buy from is okay though. Photos and comparison posts as well as posts asking about the legitimacy of an item are welcome they just can not be sold here.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: HELP! I already have a fakie listed up for sale am I am going to get banned?
Answer: Items already listed have two weeks from today 2/9 (so 2/23) then your item will be removed from your sales topic. You may not add a counterfeit/fakie item to an active sales topic.

Question: What items are included in the ban?
Answer: All counterfeit items including recasts and fakies. This includes but is not limited to recast bjd/dolls, counterfeit anime figures, Pullip fakies/angel-gate dolls, factory and/or fakie Blythe dolls this includes non-doll related items as well.

Question: I'm not sure if my item is authentic or not Sweatdrop
Answer: Please contact a moderator before posting your item up for sale.
I think is a good move. I know we are a pretty lenient group, but it seemed hypocritical to allow fake Pullip/Blythes when recasts were not allowed. Thanks for making this decision! yay
The new rule has been a while in the making as we've been discussing it for a while but we decided the only way to fairly ban the sale of recast bjds was to ban the sales of all counterfeits/fakies/knock-offs/recasts. Pictures are still welcome, they just can't be sold here.
This is just for clarification, but does this apply to the dolls like the ones that are clearly not Monster High but look like them (or what I've seen called Dal Clones even though they look nothing alike)? And I'm not versed in Blythe much so I'm guessing there is an obvious answer, but where doe Factory girls fall?
Good Question! Some doll lines seem to be inspired by Monster High, like Once Upon a Zombie (first one off the top of my head) those are okay as they are their own line; the ones that are very obviously supposed to be like Frankie and obvious rip-offs of characters are not allowed ie. like these . The Dal clones are considered to be a fakie so are not allowed.

Factory Blythes aren't allowed.

Again this just applies to sales, you are welcome to share photos of dolls they just can't be sold here.
Awesome, thanks for the clarifications smile
Good call!
This is a fantastic new rule. Thank you for posting it! I fully support it and appreciate the clarification you gave around selling vs. photos vs. discussing.
Fake/TBL Blythes not allowed but what about the references for wannabe Blythe clone dolls that are their own company like Jecci 5 or Acker - Blybe, Bassak CCE or Icy? These dolls are usually customized also.

Would this also mean that the scalps from the above mentioned dolls are not allowed to be sold either? People look for them to replace bald dolls in particular Fake/TBL scalps which are far more better quality than Takara Blythe scalps.

How about Tangkou dolls, which are a cross between a Pullip and Blythe but it is a company.

Maybe there needs to be a list of accepted company dolls or doll products list as a reference.

Another note, lots of times, people may not know they bought a fake Blythe and find out later, but some may never know and unwittingly sell a fake not knowing they had a fake in the first place since the TM markings appear on the doll. This seems to be common now and on other message boards, this is the reality. Maybe pictures of the front and back scalp (show screw placement) of of a doll should be required in a sales thread. Naturally and of course, fakes are known to have fantasy hair colors but re-rooted scalps of a real Blythe can have fantasy hair colors or textures.
We don't have a huge Blythe presence here, at this time we do not even have an active dedicated Blythe moderator. Acker/Jecci 5/Blybe/Bassak CCE/Icy are all considered to be fakies are not allowed, yes they are also customizable but so are fakie My Little Ponies Sweatdrop . I actually quite like them customized but they are still not allowed, in part or in whole (scalps/bodies/whatever).

Tangkou are allowed, they are considered to be their own doll line.

The problem with a definitive list is the second we posted it people would be looking for loopholes, we (the mod team) are all volunteers we are probably not going to know every single doll line ever made I had never even heard of Acker before.

Again this ban just pertains to sales, pictures can still be posted they just can't be sold here.

We'll deal with the other issue on a case by case basis.
It's a shame that people won't be able to sell Angel-gate customs, but the rule is understandable!
I'm quite glad the Angel gates aren't allowed, they are blatant Pullip rip-offs. Plus I remember people saying they might not be safe to customize (sand/drill/carve) due to not knowing exactly what they were made of.
Although I fully understand why angelgates sales here have been banned, I never saw them as a rip-off or a fake because they're not a doll in their own right; they never come with bodies or outfits and are mostly blank. They don't even have an eyemech as far as I'm aware. Aren't they usually just a cheaper alternative for customisers rather than buying a Pullip only to behead her and turn her into a bait? Y'know, prior to Make It Own.
I don't see why AngelGates couldn't go in the Other Dolls/Figures section, since they actually aren't true copies of Pullip dolls. I myself have owned two AngelGates and can say that their sculpt is NOT the same as a Pullip's. It's also clear from photos that the AngelGate version of "Taeyang" is sculpted nothing like an actual Taeyang.
And yes, Missy_Crane, they do not come with eye mechanisms. They do come with eyelids - which are amazingly painted, so it's sad they aren't real Pullips with a mech - but that's it. If a body is included with an AngelGate, it's an Obitsu, the standard hard-bust kind.

Overall, though, the rule is a great addition to the B/S/T! smile
AngelGates are not allowed to be sold here, that is not up for discussion. An exception can not made be made for them but not others like the myriad gray area Blythes. I believe only two were listed here in the past couple of years anyway. You are still able to show them off here, they just can not be sold here.